Business Development Notes

You must have a core ideology, and preserve that core ideology while simultaneously stimulating progress: Ideology deeds to be independent of external forces like market price or fads. Refusing the idea that a great company must first be built upon a “great idea” in order to excel The BAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) concept Create and own a cult-like culture Trying new things: Try lots and keep what works – experiment! Home grown management! Good enough never is. Building the vision.

Consistent innovation: taking risks and continually striving for improvement. (How did you feel about the research? Did it reflect your expectations? ) The book presented the concept of what factors contribute to a company being considered seminary in an enlightening and easy to follow manner. (Do you agree with the principles presented? Why or why not? ) I agree with the principles presented, some companies definitely have that “something special” and it was very interesting to learn some insight into what that is.

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One thing that would have been helpful would have been the inclusion of smaller companies that also qualify as visionary. It is possible that such companies do not have sufficient researchable history to enable such comparisons. (How do you think the text fits in with this course? ) Visionary companies would not exist without visionary leaders and visionary dervish. Each of the Companies described required leaders that shared the founding values of their Company. Each of the qualities that visionary companies share require sound leadership in order to carry out.

For instance a BAG could never be attained by a company without sound leadership, leaders inspire, leaders function with purpose. I believe this book related to this course as it illustrates that leadership is required at all levels of a company and that even entry level employees play a vital role in creating and contributing towards a company becoming or staying valorously company. (What meaningful learning did you take away from this reading? ) I think the most important lesson is that there is a difference between a successful company and a visionary company.

Each of the comparator companies in the book are successful. The author provided a detailed analysis on clues about how to differentiate between companies. After reading this book I strongly believe that I would like to work for a visionary company. . (What new lessons did you learn? ) The biggest lesion that I learned from this book is the concept that the end is the begging. So many people believe that if they can only get that next Job or that next promotion that they will be on easy street.

The reality is that hard work and success is a never ending pursuit. Coo’s cannot sit back and reflect on the work they performed to attain their position, they must lead by example and continually work to ensure the success of the company. Equally important is the idea of not Just paying lip service to one’s core values. You must strive to implement and live by those values. (How will you apply it to your personal life or work life? ) I am scheduled to graduate ASS this semester.