Business Environment

These problems are also classified under money, men, machines, materials, and methods. The first classification is men. This includes too few operators and photocopying machine to meet the demands of the customers that could lead to longer queues, customer complaints, and time lags; ineffective communication between operator and customer(s) that could lead to misunderstanding and mistakes; and unapproachable attitudes operates that could lead to loss of loyal customers.

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The second classification is money. This includes inability to give change for large bills payment that could lead to longer queues and customer complaints; insufficient funds for the repair and maintenance that could lead to paper Jam, wastage of supplies and lack of income; and inexact change that could lead to customer complaints. The third classification is machine.

This includes sensor failure that could lead to time lags and additional cost for maintenance; unexpected Jamming of papers that could lead to wastage of applies, longer queues, time lags, and may lead to customer complaints; and laser diode unit failure that could lead to additional cost for the repair and maintenance, and time lags. The fourth classification is materials.

This includes low quality ink that may lead to unclear copy, and customer complaints; wastage of paper due to errors that could lead to lower income; and low quality of coupon bonds and lack of staple wires that could lead to low income. The fifth and the last classification is method. This includes crooked copies due to misalignment of the paper on the paper tray that old lead to the customer complaints; disarrangement and duplication of paper that could lead to customer complaints; and no paper pull that could lead to time lags and customer complaints. B.

Affinity Diagram Diagram 1 illustrates ideas and data formulated by the researchers which pertain to the information they gathered through observations regarding the photocopying centers inside the FEE premises. They categorized it into money, men, machines, materials, and methods. The first category is money. This includes the budgets for the monthly salary of the operator for the compensation of his/her work, the repair ND maintenance fee for the person who fix the machine when it got malfunctioned, electricity bill for the electricity used, and the budgets for supplies.

The second category is men. This includes the operator of the photocopying machines, maintenance personnel who repairs when there is a machine malfunction and the customers who are the FIJI students and the FIJI professors who devotedly patronize the photocopying centers in the FIJI. The third category is machines. This includes the photocopying machines that are being utilized in carrying out the business, and