Business Ethics

What are the ethical and legal issues at stake in this scenario? A: Karl has to deal with some ethical and possibly legal issues in the marketing of his game “Breakaway’. It is an issue ethically simply because he himself has to find out it is suitable to market a game that primarily gives its focus on nudity, violence, and gambling. When it comes to legal issues, is it legal to market these things in foreign countries and on the Internet? This is what he needs come to reality with and needs o think about.

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If they have the ability to market this game In other countries, then they would have to change different parts of the game for the countries that Will has looked Into targeting the game. What are Kart’s options? A: Kart’s has a good amount of options. For instance, he can limit the nudity in the game Breakaway for the US. Version of the game. The adult version, which allows nudity, should have its own version for Internet gamers. Mexico wants to Join the market, but the violence within the game needs a limit as well.

But other than that, his game has plenty of chances of generating an ample amount of revenue with its features. Discuss the acceptability and commercial use of sex, violence, and gambling In the united States. A: Anything in today’s society is acceptable. The world is getting more corrupt as years go by. More things are not being monitored, and looked upon from a serious point. The media is becoming more provocative and lenient towards what is being said and shown on TV. Sex is being used in commercials. Burger at one point had a half nude women advertising as lettuce, mustard and ketchup ran down her body.

Now, I don’t know about others, but to me at my perspective, when it comes to a point where a fast food restaurant is advertising themselves or herself with a nude person, there Is something wrong. I can only imagine how It’s going to be in the near future. It almost gives me the Idea of not having children Just becomes how cold and more open the society Is getting. I mean I know It would be my responsibility. But, there needs to be a Limit. Gambling Is apart of society In America. Any time there Is an opening in a shopping plaza a gambling place opens up. To me that shouldn’t be the

It’s a good idea and a great way to generate revenue for the company itself, but bad for people who have a bad habit of gambling. Violence is getting worse as well. Today the world is turning into a monkey see monkey do society. There a lot of causes of this such as, video games being played, the things people see on TV or actually see in person. It’s actually getting more dangerous. With the media promoting more and more on what’s happening in violence. And no Justice is being done about it; it’s letting the young youth have permission towards exactly what they’re doing.

Which isn’t a good sign. Is marketing sex, violence, and gambling acceptable in other countries if these things do not conflict with local cultures? A: Unfortunately yes it is. For example look at the continent of Europe. The have a red light district system where it is legal to advertise sex in windows. There are streets alone that are dedicated to prostitutes legally if you are age. I don’t think gambling and violence is acceptable. Because they’re more strict and secure on that category. But I rather find it odd that there strict on those things but not nudity.

I mean I have a feeling it can come to where as if walking naked on the street will be okay in the near future over there. Gambling is more acceptable here. For example, Alas Vegas. In my perspective, no matter where you are whether these three things are acceptable or not it will still happen. Mainly because a lot of people who are old enough to come back to reality, can most certainly see that today’s world and this generation is getting worse then the previous ones. To me, the way everything is going, the good will be removed, and the bad will be acceptable and legal.