Business Gnvq Coursework – Morrisons

Human resources is concerned with the employees who work for the organisation. Wise organisations regard staff as the most important resource. Other resources include money (called capital), equipment, buildings, land & materials. However, if the employees are not motivated & only do the minimum work that is required, the all the money or equipment in the world won’t make the business successful. On the other hand, if the employees are keen to do their best, are well trained ; committed to the aims of the business, then most organisations will be successful.

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This is why the employees-or human resources-are not important. If you work for a business, what would help to make you less keener to work softer? In other words, what would motivate you? Obviously you would want a respectable salary, but this isn’t everything. You would also want: to do work you found interesting & challenging (but not so challenging it was overwhelming)

Good work conditions Be treated fairly by your boss to know that you were working in a safe environment to have opportunities to take further training to be able to develop yourself & have the opportunity to gain promotion to have protection against victimisation, harassment, discrimination & unfair dismissal to be treated equally, no matter what your gender or race or whether you were disabled in some way. These are areas with which the human resources staff are involved.

The overall purpose of the human resources function can therefore be identified as: to attract & retain good, high-quality staff to retain & develop all staff to enable them to reach their maximum potential to ensure that the organisation avoids unlawful or unfair discrimination to ensure that the organisation operates within the law in relation to employment & health & safety. Morrison want to retain the staff they recruit.

Some of the organisation have an recruiting policy. The person who is in involved in interviewing and selecting staff should be trained so that they follow the law retaining to equal opportunities The main intention of administration is to make to make sure that the organisation operates as effectively as possible by performing a wide range of support activities swiftly and well.

The administration department has a major impact on the other departments such as the Human Resources department. In other words, it is the missing link to Complete the chain. Without the Administration department the rest of the departments would be unorganised, which could affect the amount of money that the business makes. One of the most vital things a business should achieve is keep their customers happy. This could not be done when the business is unorganised. They should reply and respond to the paperwork that they are sent on time.

This could not be done without the Administration department. In some businesses, it may be possible but it would still be a slightly unorganised. The majority of the large Organisations often centralise their administration function. In these cases, one large Administration department provides all the vital mail, information and support services needed by the other functional areas. Now a days, the administration department is often decentralised and each functional region has its own administrative Staff to serve its own needs.

This may be because it may work out cheaper and may be more efficient. These are the Key areas with which the administrative staff are Concerned: Information Handling- Storage, retrieval, and transmission of all the documents used by the organisations. Communications- sending and receiving messages by telephone, fax, email; sending and receiving mail; dealing with customers, colleagues and other visitors face to face. Making arrangements- organising foreign trips for senior managers and higher grade staff. Obtaining resources -providing stationery stock and other essential office items.

In some organisations, you may find that the Administration function also includes activities such as cleaning and maintenance work. The administration staff themselves will not be responsible for these activities, however it will either be the general responsibility of the office or the administration manager. They will also be in charge of these miner activities. The production department is when you make a product and provide a service. An example of production is: A bakery at Morrison aim is to provide fresh batch of bread to all their customer. In this case the bakery manager is responsible for the production function.