Business Idea Proposition

Core Business Proposition: To become an enabler for online content sharing and delivery through a marketplace model with features which can be leveraged by schools, coaching institutes and tutors for creating, presenting and grading courses for learners, online. Summary of Business Idea: Over last decade, education sector has grown very aggressively. Students need easy access to learning instruments like schools, professional institutes, coaching classes and individual tutors. Technology can play a critical role in bridging this gap.

Our dead is to give the teachers and learners a common platform, leveraging the concept of Software as a service, enabling the teacher to have an effective content presentation and delivery mechanism which encompasses course material, presentations, online test creation tools, evaluation and grading plans. The student can easily access the content over web or through mobile application. This assisted learning can provide personalized high quality content to students. Various content providers can share content over the platform.

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This also opens up possibilities of elaboration between schools-coaching institutes and private sector schools- government schools. The marketplace model of this service will be used by individual tutors who want to reach out to a wider international audience. The courses can be professional, educational or even personal which can be subscribed by anyone who is interested in personal or professional growth. Market Size and Opportunity Education in India is a recession proof industry. With hundreds of millions of students, the market size is expected to rise