Business law tutorial

Please produce a written answer for each of the following problem questions using the LILAC approach and bring your answers in print form to your tutorial class on Teaching week 3. Topics Topics 1 and 2 – Introducing Law and Exercising Legal Skills Your preparation Read Chapters 1-3 of Business Law and attend the Lectures on the first two topics. Problem 1: There are a number of websites devoted to the republic issue. Sites such as that of the Australian Republican Movement (www. Public. Org. U) support Australia becoming a republic, and sites such as that of Australians for a Constitutional Monarchy (www. Nonnumeric. Com. AU) oppose such a move. Read these and other such websites and prepare a balanced answer to the question: Should Australia become a republic? Problem 2: In 1998 the Federal Parliament appointed a special committee to look into the magpie problem. After months of serious investigation, the committee presented its report to Parliament.

The following is an extract from the report: We have heard a great deal f evidence and we are satisfied that there is a need for strong legislation to protect the Australian public from magpies during the breeding season None of the provisions of the proposed new Act will apply to magpies kept by members of the public as pets … ‘. In August 1998 Parliament passes the Magpie (Protection of Public) Act. The Act receives Royal assent on 15 August 1998.

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Section 3 of the Act provides that ‘Any householder, flat occupier or other person who permits a magpie to remain n his property at any time during the months of August, September or October without reporting the matter to the Department of Environment and Conservation shall be guilty of an offence. ‘ There is no reference in the Act to magpies kept as pets. During October 1998 Jerry owned a pet magpie which he kept in a cage at his Brisbane home. He has not notified the Department of Environment and Conservation that he owns a magpie. Has Jerry breached the Act? Apply (a) the literal rule, and (b) the purposive approach.