Business Letter

Business letters may include requests, inquiries, sales information, invitations, an introduction to a report, recommendations, and more. They will normally include a distinct letterhead and can often include tables or graphics to illustration the topic. They might also use a template as the basis of the letter. In a well-written essay, please respond to all of the following prompts: Select a MS Word template that you might use for a business letter.

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Which template would best suit your needs and what are the reasons for your choice? How could you enhance a business letter using the features In MS Word? How could tables be used In your letter? What type of Information could be placed In the table? The template that I might use for a business letter is the Business Letter Essential Design. This template sets up the structure of the business letter while allowing me to make the necessary changes to the document.

The template allows me to place the company name at the top, in a letterhead if I choose to create or paste one in there. In the letterhead I can place the company logo and alter the colors or design if need be, kind of like how Google changes its header on the website. This would allow for more variation and the business letter could be viewed as playful (for work place picnics) or professional (for mandatory meetings). I could enhance a business letter sing the features in MS Word by using photos appropriate to the business letter.

Also I could structure the business letter with a page border and use colors that attract the eye of the reader. If I needed to present any numerical or other information that needs to be listed I could implement the use of a table in the business letter. For instance a table in a business letter can tell the workers who is bringing what food item to the work picnic, or it can tell a customer the cost of a product per pound bought.