Business Letters

Mechanics seems like such a fun course to take, after align to other kids in the school, and looking on the school website, it seems that its not Just putting nuts and blots together, but we are also putting computers back together, fixing bikes, and helping with other courses such as when the lighting breaks in the theatre, we would come help fix it. As for wildlife I think that would be such a down to earth course as it is more peaceful, you are able to go on long hiking and camping trips up to the Rockies, and go swimming on lakes, bird watching, and so much more, it seems like a perfect course for me.

Foods, man Oh man you get to learn valuable life lessons, plus you get to enjoy a great treat nothing is better than that.! Now I know that you get hundreds of kids saying telling you what courses they want in these letters, but l, Im going to convince you that I want these courses. For example, mechanics ever since I have been a little kid, I have loved to build. My mother told me that she once left me in a room with a puzzle when I was two and when she came back the puzzle was perfectly made, and I was sitting on the ground in front of it. Eave always loved helping my dad with tasks such as washing the car, setting up new electronically appliances, heck Just last week we bought a new TV stand, that arrived while my parents were out of the house. Man you should have seen the look on their faces when they got back to see that the stand was made and set up perfectly under the TV. As for wild life I have always been on e of those kids who would rather prefer running around outside, hunting squirrels in the backyard, and going camping. That is why I think that it would be such a great course for me.

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As for Foods, the main reason that I would like to take Foods as a course is that I love to learn new things, and cooking seems like a great thing to learn as when I move away from my family when I move to university, I will be the one that has to look after myself which coincidentally includes cooking.! Thanks for your time on the topic of which courses I would like to take. Elf you have any more questions please feel free to contact me at CThomas@gmail. Com, or at 403-152-8655. 1 Sincerely,! Cahoots Chris Thomas