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What to expect in an interview Every year there is rise in demand for Jobs, people are striving for better qualifications, and at the same time less Jobs are becoming available. Go back 20 years and you will find that graduates were going straight into their Job they had studied for 4 years to do, but that unwritten guarantee is no longer a given in todays world of employment. The competition for Jobs Is gaining, over the past 10 years the percentage of employment-to-population ratio has dropped by 3%. ecause of the ncrease in population, without the increase in jobs. When a company is advertising a for a Job vacancy they need to consider how they are going to advertise in order to attract the right type if people for the Job role that is being offered. In my case, I heard about the Job opening through a friend, which is also a way of an organization getting applicants, as existing employees can vouch for their work ethic and motivation. It Is also very useful for you, going Into a new Job, If there Is familiar face around on your first day.

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Some smaller companies may not wish to hire someone rom outside the company, and so they can use internal sourcing to fill a job vacancy, this may come in the form of a promotion, or it may be moving a worker to a different department. Usually a company can increase motivation within the workplace by announcing the opportunity of a promotion, which itself is a benefit to the company. For short term Jobs there a company can also go to a recruitment agency, where they have a list of people waltlng and willing to work on short notice to fill a gap.

There are a number of reasons that a company has a Job opening, maybe their demand has ncreased; they could be expanding; a previous employee has quite or retired; it may even be possible that they want to use a new employee to boost morale in the workplace. A bubbly and friendly employee can do wonders for a dim and bored workforce. Basically, don’t be afraid to go for a Job that you may not think you’re perfect for, because you never know. The company could also be looking for a specific skill from an applicant, which would specified In the person specification or Job description.

This may because they have been outsourcing for a particular skill, but ow they are looking to take someone onboard to replace outsourcing, usually to cut costs. The recruitment process varies for each company, but you should prepare for an interview, and a good CV will help you get that interview in the first place. You also have to remember that they are looking for someone that they have to work with, so be as friendly as possible, and let them know what you can and are willing to do.

My First experience My first recruiting experience was at a local swimming pool in the forest of dean, I had already gone through the lifeguard training as it seemed like a good job pportunity for me. They did the training sessions at certain times of the year, so I signed up prior to hearing of a job opening. Within this type of work, whereby you are required to have a very specific qualification, the recruiting process may have already people who trained me, so there was already a work-related relationship building.

As it turned out there was a Job opening at the very same pool I did my training at, not long after I gained my certificate, I heard about the Job opening through a friend who worked for the same chain of leisure centres, I think they have about 4 or 5 leisure entres throughout the forest of dean, but they had also advertised on their website and local newspapers. A lifeguarding Job is defiantly a very temporary Job, there isn’t much opportunity to progress, and it’s really for teenagers who are looking for some extra money, but nevertheless, I still had to go through a recruitment process the same as any job. CONFIDENCE IS KEY For the lifeguarding Job I not only had to have an interview but I also had to have an assessment in the pool, where a supervisor would ask me to perform different types of life saving skills and ask me question along the way. Confidence is defiantly key, there could be an applicant ho knows everything they can know about the Job, but if they don’t have the ability to apply it when the time comes, then they will be seen as useless.

You need to prepare what you know in different ways, so that you can show the employer what you can do, however they ask you to do it. The main Job recruitment process is fairly standard for almost every type of Job: 1. Firstly you need to find a Job vacancy that suits you 2. You must find out how to apply for the Job, some companies may have their own orm for you to fill out, or they may Just ask for your CV. You may want to tailor your CV for the Job type you’re going for so they can see you are interested 3. Wait… ou simply need to wait for the call or letter which will explain whether you are required to return for an interview or assessment. 4. The interview is arguably the most fundamental part of the recruitment process. Many companies will have different protocol when it comes to the interview, but it will primarily be a Q&A format. Wait…. That’s right, you have to wait again, but this is the final step, there is no more you can o and you have to Just wait for that phone call to say you have or, more unfortunately, haven’t got the Job.

My Second Experience My second experience wasn’t for a permanent Job, it was for a weeks work experience, but they took me through a similar recruitment process as a permanent employee would, so I still class it as a valid experience for this article. It was a work experience placement for the Walls ice cream in Gloucester, more specifically, the IT department of the Walls ice cream factory. From a child I always had a keen interest in the It field, so I found it a fitting weeks work at the time.

The use the trial period’ technique for new employees, which is good as it can give you a lot of time to show of your skills, rather than a half hour interview of Just answering questions. It also gives the employer a good chance to get to know you. At the end of the trial, you then have to wait for the call to say whether or not you have the Job. All in all the recruitment process can be a very stressful time, but if you give the time to find a Job you think your suited for, then it should be a breeze. Think beyond your limitations and try new things, you might be good at them.