Business Level

Using two specific examples, explain how to choose the most appropriate method of communication to meet your needs and the needs of others. 3. Describe at least two ways of actively listening. Be in an environment that minimizes distractions. If you are discussing something particularly detailed, a quiet interruption-free office may be needed. Make sure you have enough time to receive the information. Look at the speaker and actively listen to what they are saying. Section 4 – Understand how to work with and support colleagues 1. Explain the purpose of agreeing standards for your own work.

Give at least two reasons. If the individual employee doesn’t have a standard of work then it is difficult for them to know what they should be doing and when, making it tricky for them to monitor their performance. If the standards of work are set for managers and employees then each party knows clearly what output is expected, and progress and performance can be accurately measured. Colleagues depend on one another in order to receive inputs and provide outputs, the work standard for employees needs to be consistently good to enable the business to function efficiently.

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Explain ten purpose AT taking on new generalness Ana Delve addle to app t to change at work. Good businesses constantly improve and adapt to new technologies and challenges. Sometimes this change can happen suddenly and unexpectedly. It is important to deal with these changes positively. Reasons for change within an organization: Changing requirements of customers Introduction of new technologies and working practices Social and legal changes that influence the organization New colleagues/managers entering the organization. 3. Explain the purpose of treating others with honesty and consideration.