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Outcomes of the two years’ hard work are visible. Staffs have a professional attitude to their work. Providing well-planned units of work within interesting contexts. Lessons are supported with an appropriate range of resources. Students move around the school quietly and are motivated to learn. Discussions with students indicate that they enjoy school life, consider they are learning and being prepared well for their next phase of education. Works displayed around the school are creative and of good quality.

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The academy uses self-review to identify its own improvement needs. The Office finds that issues evident in this review are already in hand. Areas for further development relate mostly to the design and implementation of the school assessment systems to obtain greater consistency of measurement. The intended development of benchmarks for expected achievement in targeted knowledge; skills and attitudes should assist individual teachers to mark daily student work, provide achievement-based feedback and facilitate student progress.

Students are relaxed, comfortable and convey a sense of enjoyment and belonging in their attitudes to each other and their teachers. Students are encouraged to respect others and themselves through the consistently high behavioral expectations placed on them by the principal, senior managers, staff and senior students. The well-planned, well-structured learning programmes provide students with secure learning environments. The extensive co-curricular social, cultural and sporting activities encourage students to participate, perform and gain confidence and self-esteem.

A sense of wellbeing, pride and belonging is fostered through regular celebration and reward of student achievement at school assemblies and through the daily encouragement given by teachers to groups and individuals. There is the greater consistency has been achieved in the quality of learning programmes that are suited to the diversity of student learning needs. Senior managers have strengthened the quality assurance procedures and systems for providing information on student achievement. The management structure supports a professional climate of self-review, innovation and continuous improvement.

Effective communication, supported by clear documentation, results in effective management and decision making. A significant proportion of students are from non-English speaking backgrounds. The academy has a number of international students. In our report describes mainly from China. The main object of our dissertation is evaluation the attractiveness of Chinese market for the academy. In our report the first step we introduce the background of our dissertation and Esbjerg business academy, and its product. EBA has a good environment for studying.

The international studying environment is what the students want to get from a school. The good quality of education lead to students enjoy themselves with each teach and classmate, and the other student who are not studying market economist course. The Market Economist course is the product that EBA offer to Chinese students. Step 2, we analyzed the competitive environment in China. Economics is not mentioned in the title of this dissertation about the history of Chinese competition policy. In today’s sharp competitive environment, EBA has to know that which strategies of its competitors are using.

So that it can get the capacity to compete with its current competitors and new competitors. Step 3, is to define the people to whom we wish to target. That is identifying our target audience. Sort them into groups so that we can relate to their specific needs and deliver a message that is relevant to them. This is called segmenting our market. Of course EBA cannot offer the best education for every student in China. Therefore we should use STP marketing model. These three steps are: Market segmentation: Identify and profile distinct groups of buyers who might require separate products/ or marketing mixes.

Market targeting: Select one or more segments to enter. Market positioning: Establish and communicate the products’ key distinctive benefits in the market. In our situation, EBA’s market consists of buyers (potential students), and buyers differ in many ways. The buyers differ in their want, purchasing power, geographical location, buying attitudes, and buying habits. The People’s Republic of China is administratively divided into 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 4 municipalities and 2 special administrative regions (SAR).

Step 4, we made a position for EBA in Chinese market compare to the other competitors. We consider that the position of EBA is high quality of education and medium range price. Step 5, analyzed the product mix strategy. EBA’s product is marketing economist course, it’s a Danish higher education service. Abroad education service is a very special product (service). Consumer has to expend a lot of money and time. Therefore they will think about it very carefully before they make a decision. Step 6, we suggested a pricing strategy for EBA.

EBA should use the most elementary pricing method, Markup Pricing. That is to add a standard markup to the product’s cost. That must include the salary for each teacher, and the fee for executive operating system. Step 7, Our target audience includes the students and their parents (and other family members). Students are the consumer of EBA education service; their parents are the customer and decision-makers. According to our questionnaire, in question No. 2, there were only a few people choice Denmark to take their higher education.

Also in our interview, we found there is a lot of Chinese have never heard of anything about Danish higher education. Therefore the EBA’s challenge is to build greater awareness. In question No. 3, we asked about the image of European higher education. There were 71% parents and 68% students agree that the European higher education is better than Chinese higher education. EBA has a good favorable attitude as same as the other business academies or college in other European countries. Therefore EBA must gain the attention of more people, since those who know it consider it a good academy.

Therefore EBA must gain the attention of more people, since those who know it consider it a good academy. In our situation, the consumer of EBA’s education service has high involvement with the service category and perceives high differentiation within the category. Therefore we will work with the Hierarchy-of effects model and describe how marketer should behave in each of six buyer-readiness stages. They are awareness, knowledge, liking, preference, conviction, and purchase. A message’s effectiveness depends on its structure as well as its content.

In EBA’s case, we should pay more attention on some negative reactions when we drawing the conclusion. If the communicator is seen as untrustworthy, the audience members might resent the attempt to influence them. This is a very big problem when we choose an agent to doing the promotion. Because there were more than 40% students and their parents will not trust the agent company. When we ask people that what do you want agent company to do, there were more than 90% people’s answer is ‘honesty’. Step 8, in this step, we choose the distribution channel from the three major feasible channel.

In a market environment EBA must drive its message through illustration, make itself known, make it easy for people to find us and easy for people to deal with us. An intermediary company will be suggested. Schools are fortunate to have access to many channels of communication, such as newsletters, media promotion, direct mail and person-to-person contact that can be used to reach internal and external audiences. By using individual examples the school would illustrate repeatedly that young people are responsible and good at what they do and that students in service industries are valuable members of the community.