Business management

Actively managing and reducing the environmental Impact of our activities. We acknowledge that we have an Impact on the environment: Directly, through the conduct of our business operations, e. G. The energy consumed In our corporate offices, data centers and retail branches; Indirectly, through the products and services we provide to our customers, e. G. Lending money to finance our customers’ operations and, Indirectly, through the products and services we procure, . G. The technology and equipment we purchase to run our business.

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We aim to deliver an environmental sustainability strategy that delivers cost reductions, reduces environmental impacts, increases revenue opportunities and enhances our reputation in all locations in which we operate. Ann.’s business operation environment Our business operations Include our corporate offices, network of retail branches, data centers and automatic teller machines as well as business travel and represent the direct Impacts of our business. In our workplaces, we seek to identify, control, and Improve our environmental performance.

Our online environmental reporting system provides a globally consistent approach to assessing the environmental Impact of our physical footprint and helps set targets to improve our performance. We set clear, measurable targets to reduce our environmental footprint, including our consumption of energy, greenhouse gas emissions, water, paper, and the amount of waste we send to landfill. Our environmental reporting system governs how we assure and report on our progress. At ANZA, environmental sustainability is an integrated part of business operations – it’s good for business and it’s good for the planet.

The benefits of managing and reducing our direct environmental impacts are several: reduced resource usage and environmental Impacts, reduced operating costs, improved reputation with Investors and customers; and Improved levels of employee engagement. The implementation of an online environmental reporting system across our global iciness in 2013 has enabled us to establish a group-wide baseline for our energy use and associated GOGH emissions with improved granularity to set targets for global reductions going forward.

We are continuing to improve the measurement and reporting processes that enable us to track performance against targets. Our online environmental reporting system provides a structured approach to assessing the operational impact of our physical footprint on the environment. We have continued the roll-out of our online environmental reporting system throughout 2013. At now features data Including energy, water, waste and travel from all 33 markets In which ANZA operates. This gives us a more complete picture of our global impact.

This In turn Is enabling us to measure performance on a global and regional level and more effectively manage and Improve our performance. ANZA has monitored and reported environmental performance in Australia since 2004. Read more about our targets Carbon Water Paper Resource Efficiency ANZA Lending Service Environmental Impacts Our aim is to make balanced, informed and transparent decisions and work with our linens to help them improve their management of business, social and environment risks.