Business management

Describe how two businesses are organized. Sunburst’s The purpose of Kingsbury is to serve its customers. The primary objective of any business is make money and invest. If it doesn’t do that it can’t exist. Kingsbury is a major retailer in grocery and general retailing. As Ginsburg Is a profit-based business, Its maximizes their sales and profit, expanding to maintain Its competitiveness in addition to outshining competitor. Kingsbury focus on shareholders with progressive returns on their investment improving profitability Hough Investment in efficient stores and distribution depots.

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In product Improvement and In technology, developing the talents of its people. List of functional areas for Kingsbury: Planning vehicle routes to avoid back tracking. This keeps fuel costs down and saves time. Making sure that goods are stored appropriately before they are delivered. Checking if deliveries match the order Humans recourse: Advertising job vacancies Maintaining staff records Advertising promotional opportunities. Checking health and safety and keeping accident records. Finance: Record money received Checking and paying Invoices received

Preparing the pay roll and paying the staff salaries Issuing regular budget reports 1 OFF RASPS is separately registered charities across England and Wales are run by volunteers who are unstinting in their work for animal welfare. RASPS branches are self-funding and raise money locally to supports the animal welfare work they do. Each branch operate at a local level advice, micro chipping , Neutering and subsidized animal treatments, as well as rehabilitating and rehiring animals taken in through their clinics, animal centers, boarding and fostering facilities.