Business Management

The operational control will need to be improved if something is wrong with the manufacturing of products. You can fix this by making sure that all the materials needed are gotten before production, making sure that the quality of the materials Is up to standards, and checking all products after they are made to be sure it Is good for the company. Financial control will need to be improved If there is a problem with any of the finances of the company. This can be fixed by creating a new budget, keeping all financial statements for the company, and always being prepared for audits.

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You can tell If there is a problem with the structural control because something is wrong with how things are run as strictness or as relaxedness. You can fix problems with this area by instilling rules or taking them away, working in groups or working Individually, and by having a strict guidelines or letting the employees work at their own pace. 2. It Is very easy to determine whether a company Is based off of a bureaucratic form of control or whether it is a decentralized controlled company. A bureaucratically controlled company is very strict on what it does and does not low its workers to do by use off lot of rules put into the company.

It is also a form of control that for the most part Is focused on Its employees working as Individuals instead of as groups. A bureaucratic form of control in a system also has a lot of guidelines and its employees are told dates when projects must be done by. If a company has a decentralized form of control, then it is a very laid back kind of company. 2 3. Many people do not like being told how to work and so they resist when it does not follow how they want to work. There are a lot of employees that do not follow how he company wants to things to be run and this causes a lot of friction between Its workers and Its employers.

There are many different reasons why employees resist the control of their companies. Usually it is because people like to show their individuality even while at work. People resist control due to what they believe not have done something that the employees may not have agreed with or that has caused the employee to not trust the manager and therefore effects how they will do their work in the future. The managers must gain the trust of their employees and ark with them to see that the problems get fixed or they will have to fire the employees that do not conform. . When looking into what makes up the operations control side, there are three main basic decisions that must be addressed in the design. The first of these basic decisions is does our company have enough resources such as information, financial, material, and human resources? These are a huge part of what the company will need in order for production to be possible, the manager will need a list of everything they have. The next basic decision is do we have all the tuff that we need in the right quality and correct quantity is needed for our company to succeed?

A company will need employees that have knowledge of the materials for this to be possible. The last basic decision that a company needs to address is did what our company create what is to be expected by us? The company will need people to test the products to see if they are satisfactory or not. 3 5. Total quality management is a strategic commitment to change the way a company operates in order to make quality the most important guiding factor in everything that the company will do, put into place by top management.

There are five major characteristics about total quality management, strategic commitment, employee involvement, technology, materials, and methods. The strategic commitment is where the company will be making quality their focus of the company. Employee involvement is where the company’s employees will be making sure that their Job is done right so that the quality will be what they need it to be. Technology is where new forms of technology will be taken into place in order to make the quality of their products even better than ever before.

Materials is where the company sakes sure that the materials that they are using is of the highest quality in order to make their materials better quality. Methods is where the company will change their methods in order to improve the efficiency that the products will made by. See Essay Next Page MODULE 8 HOMEWORK-ESSAY When looking at how Amazon has gotten where it is today, there is a lot of things that the company has gone through. In some ways it is similar to manufacturing firms, in other ways it is similar to service firms.

When you look at the Kindle, which kind of firm would you think it came from? Amazon has gone through so many changes since t started to get where it is at now. Some things that it has gone through makes money and others make the company lose money. Amazon also does a lot of outsourcing and has contracts to outsiders instead of Just selling its products. What makes Amazon unlike a website from a single owner, how is it high quality? Of Amazon, what do you really know about it? Not as much as you thought you did.

Amazon is a company that can be related to many things, a few are that it has some similarities to manufacturing firms and that it is also like service firms. There are many similarities between these types of firms. Amazon is similar to a manufacturing rim because it creates and makes products and then it puts those products up for sale and ships them out to its customers. On the other hand, Amazon is also similar to a service firm because it can sell you music that you can use more than one time or sell you a product that can but useful for a long period of time.

An example of a product that Amazon has come out with is the invention of the Kindle. This product is something manufactured by Amazon but at the same time it provides many services with the use of itself such as buying and paying for the service over time. 2 Amazon does more than Just sell Kindles though. It started out with Just selling books, and now it sells a wide variety of products and services. You can find anything from a song to a book, from a music player to a rug. Pretty much anything you can think of you can find on Amazon.

While there are some places such as warehouses that hold these items until they are to be shipped out to the customers, there are also services sold by Amazon. Things such as games, movie membership, songs, and internet connection. In order for Amazon to save money and also make money, the company does a lot of things. In order to save money, it relies on an effective sorting algorithm that will decide the est. size box for the product to be shipped in so that it does not cost a lot. It also says which packaging will be the best for safe shipment of the item.

Automated scanners, boxers, and labelers do the work to get the products shipped out in a timely manner. In order to make money, Amazon has a fifteen percent commission on each sale of a “borrower” wanting to sell on Amazon. When a company decides to make an idea, create it, and then sell it, it takes quite a few steps to do and a lot of decisions to be made in order for this to even be possible. Looking at any item in Amazon that claims the Amazon title as its specific reduce, you will notice that it had to take a lot of steps in order to get to that finished product.

Take an Amazon Basics HID cable for instance, how did the thought of taking ownership of an HID cable come about, how did it get made, how did the label get on the item, and how was it shipped? There are many aspects of Just a single item. There are a lot of marketing decisions and manufacturing decisions to be made in this case. The items could also be sold from the building they were created from or from a warehouse somewhere with a whole bunch of other random items. 3 If you look at Amazon as a web page, there are a lot of options that you can choose from. You take option that are needing them to have.

You can search through every product that they have with the click of a button, or you can narrow the search down to a topic that the item would probably be under. You can find out more information on a product or compare them to items Just like that one. You can send an email from the web page that you are already on or you can find a phone number for someone who can assist you with whatever problem you may be having. There is a help spot so that you will not even have to contact anyone. You can buy songs and items without having to go into a store and you can do it all without even picking up a phone.

There are many ways that operations can contribute to the company having high productivity compared to other companies. Amazon can sell their products as they make them, as they only have the item and are Just starting to invent them. They could have sales on the items as a single item or as a group or bundle of one type of item or as a bundle of different items. Amazon can sell its products to other vendors as they see fit. They can find ways to make products that they already have even teeter or buying better quality materials to create their products with so that they are now more desirable to Amazon’s customers.

There are Just so many things that can be taken into effect for having high productivity. Amazon could have mass production of certain items that have had a lot of advertising so that a lot of customers want them before they are even on the market, they may also allow for prerecording. 4 So as you can now clearly see, there is so much that comes into play when you look at a company such as Amazon. They may be like a manufacturing firm in a lot of ways but they are still like a service firm n a lot of ways as well.