Business: Management and Entire Selection Process

I also think that the Interview panel would have been set up to objectively view the candidate’s best and worst qualities for the position. Also, during the assessment process, I noticed that the only questions that made her feel uncomfortable were the questions that came from the men. I can see why she was feeling uncomfortable; it seemed to me Like they were trying to bully her into reconsidering continuing the interview process. I think that some of the line of questioning was a little apprehensive. If I was her, I would probably feel the same way that she does. In the role playing exercise, I believe that she was set up to fall.

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I think that they totally sabotaged this part of the interview. George Montgomery did not have any confidence in her and he wanted to prove that she did not have what it takes to be a successful manager. He knew that if he did not cooperate with her, she would not be able to demonstrate her leadership, managerial, decision making or disciplinary skills. I do not think that It was professional for him to portray such an unrealistic character. I think that he wanted to show that she was weak and did not have what it took to be a successful manager. I think that they-the men-already knew who they anted to hire before Cane’s interview.

I am sure that was a very humiliating and “To Be Or Not To Be Promoted? ” dehumidifying experience for her. The worst part of it was the fact that she still has to face the people on the interview committee day in and day out. Compare and contrast JoeS, Cane’s, and Mat’s candidacy based on what you know about them. If you were the hiring manager and the final decision were yours to make, whom would you hire? Provide a persuasive rationale for your choice. Due to the fact that no information was given about Joe or Mat’s candidacy, I do not see how a competent answer can be provided for this question.

The only information that was provided was butane. I am not able to provide a rationale decision about who I feel Is most qualified to assume the role of Marketing Director, due to the fact that I do not know how any of their interviewers went. But if I had to make an assumption about who I would hire, I would hire Jane. I think that she handled herself very well under pressure despite the demanding line of questioning that some of the members of the members of the senior staff asked. I would also hire Jane because she has already 1 OFF n the ranks and has tackled some pretty tough assignments.

She is a dedicated employee and would be a great role model and leader for the organization. If you were advising each of the three final candidates for the position before the interview and before the offer was made to Joe, explain what you would advise each of them to do. Speculate about what you would say to each of them after the offer was made to Joe. I would advise each of them to practice their interview. Since they all work for the company, they should all have an idea of what the interview process should consist of. I would “To Be Or Not To Be Promoted? 4 also tell them to review the Job description and make sure that they fully understand the requirements and qualifications. I would advise each of them to go in and be confident and do their best. Staying calm and composed is always good pre interview advice. Also by staying calm in a tense situation will show the panel that you can handle those types of environments. I would also tell them to show what they know about the position and convince the panel that they are the best person in the Job. One of the most important things is to be on time for your interview and always dress or success. Be prepared and showcase your confidence.

Even though this is an in house interview, I would also encourage each one of the potential candidates to follow up after the interview. Once the offer was made, I would reassure each of them that they did a great Job during the interview and not to get discouraged because they were not chosen. I would advise them to offer assistance to Joe as he transitions to his new role and offer him a helping hand. I would advise against trying to find out why they are not selected for the position, due to the fact they do not want o hinder being selected for any other positions that may come available in the near future.

Based on what you know about George Montgomery, assess his management style and describe what bearing it may have had on his selection of Joe. Based on what I know about George Montgomery, he kind of comes across as a prick. I see him as being this old guy who was introduced in the business world when it was predominately dominated by men. I do not think that he has any respect for women. I do not think that he feels like a woman deserves to be in a senior management level position. Joe may “To Be Or Not To Be Promoted? 5 be a lot like him which could have had some influence on the decision to hire him. I am sure that since they work together and have had many conversations about male and female roles in business. I am sure that there has been some office talk about expectations of the new project manager. I do not think that if all three of the candidates were from outside of the organization, the playing field would have been leveled out some. If you were Joe, the selected candidate, propose what you would do to ease any ill feelings with Jane and Matt.