Business Management Assignment Chapter

For this assignment, I interviewed Sidney Stocked, who is a Sales Manager at Macy’s Greasepaint, where I currently work. When I interviewed him, I discovered that the does many of the 17 managerial roles on a daily basis. Whether he is acting as a liaison to the customers when they are not satisfied with a product or the customer service given to them. His Job Is to go above and beyond to make sure that the customer Is satisfied as well as the companies principles are being followed.

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A perfect example of this Is when a product Is advertised in the ad and when the customer comes into the store, the product is either sold out or not carried at that action. Recently, there was a huge sale on Martha Stewart cookware and there was a customer who came into the store looking for it. The customer called and spoke with another associate who assured her that the product was in the store. When the customer arrived at the store, It turned out that the store doesn’t carry that specific type of cookware. Naturally, the customer was Irate so a manager was requested.

When Sidney came over, he profusely apologized and offered to have the cookware shipped to the customers’ home free of charge and took a extra 15% off for the inconvenience. The customer did not want to wait 5-7 business days as she needed the cookware for a family dinner that day. What Sidney ended up doing was giving the customer a compatible cookware set at the same cost as the Martha Stewart cookware set. The customer at that point was then satisfied. Sidney not only diffused the situation but he saved the sale and the customer from taking her business elsewhere.

Another of the 17 roles that I see that he does on a regular basis is being a motivator and coach-As a motivator and coach, his job is to recognize employees for ongoing an outstanding Job and he does that by paying his employees out more Macy’s money whenever the employee gets a customer to apply for a Macy’s’ credit card account. Sidney also gives feedback continuously to his employees, whether it is in a 1 on 1 situation or at a morning rally, his Job Is to motivate his employees to go above and beyond to make sure that we make “magic” and that the Macy’s’ customer has a wonderful experience by meeting, greeting and interacting with the customer.

For me, one day I was on the sales floor and I was engaging the customer by asking questions such as How often do you shop at Macy’s? What type of clothing do you buy when you shop at Macy’s? How will you be paying for your purchase today? When the customer said cash, I asked him Has anyone ever offered u the chance to apply for a benefits and features of the card and then the customer applied and was instantly approved. Once the transaction took place, I called a manager who Just happened to be Sidney and let him know that I got a credit card application and he came over and paid me $20 more in Macy’s money on top of the pay I already got.

In interviewing Sidney, the role that he thinks is most important is being a Team player. For him, being a team player shows that a person is eager to learn and accept responsibility for their actions. He also says being a team player is shows that a person is flexible and willing to adapt to any and all changes. As most people know in retail and most customer service oriented Jobs, flexibility is key. For Sidney, being a team player shows that a person can work with any and all types of people and being a team player looks good, especially when it is time to look at getting promoted and moving p in a company.

A example of being a team player is when while at work, someone in a different department does not show up for their shift and one is asked to be moved or asked to extend their shift. This is something that I had did Just last week, I was working in my department and the other girl who was supposed to work came in and left because she suddenly got sick. Keep in mind I was supposed to be off early but due to it was on Sunday and the staffing is very minimum at best so Sidney asked me to stay over and help out.

I did and because of that, I ended up receiving an accolade for that. Sidney’ Job as a manager is that of many facets because as a manager of a retail store he is doing many of the 17 managerial roles all in one day. Whether he is motivating his team members or other associates to make their sales goal or get a credit application or acting as a liaison to make sure that a win-win situation is created for both the company and the customer or encouraging the associates to be a team player. In some aspect, all 17 managerial aspects are applied on a daily basis by Sidney.