Business Management Skills

The writer of the article, Jodie Humphreys the President of a non-profit organization is trying to illustrate the advantages of business management skills needed by a manager in particular to the highest extend for the success of the organization. From the article we can identify that the intended audience targeted by the writer are all the individuals in an organization and especially the business manager.

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Moreover, the audience finds this article interesting due to the exposure of important terms by he author on understanding their own organization and ways on implementing good management skills in specific situation so that it will be reachable to the audience. On the other hand, the writer had also include sources from the websites on functions of management which are also relevant skills needed by audience on the process of planning, organizing, leading, coordination and control as mentioned by the writer towards the beginning and the end of the article.

Furthermore, the writer also uses some techniques to influence the reader’s such as through displaying mages of organization team being committed in their workplace and also distinction from experts on business skills. Besides that, the writer had also included an article report from a reliable source with cited reasons on the effect of poor business management to alert the audience on the Importance of business management skills. According to the writer, business management skills are a precious tool for a manager to succeed regardless of the size of their company or the supervised team.