Business manages human resources

AJP plans its human resources needs by assessing the firm’s compensation system to decide the real value of buying. The HR experts are consulted before and after the decision to make a major acquisitions purchase. The Human Resource department serves a connection between management and employees. Giving particular services members of staff, the department’s objective is to encourage positive relationships, to boost job satisfaction, and to make certain that all customer and client needs are met.

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A company like AJP who are major, would have to plan their needs over a long period of time, as they need to keep a large business like theirs, to run successfully which includes employees as well. The HR director must be knowledgeable of company objectives, significant laws and union contracts, and will need to be able to be familiar with and assess industry trends.

In minor companies, HR directors could be considered HR Generalists who carry out all the specific personnel duties themselves, whereas in major companies the HR Directors overlook several departments that are has a manager and staff specialists or legislative bodies who are in charge of one specialised activity. Any competent HRM department needs to combine its departmental plan to fall in place with the strategy with the rest of the company.

The HRM role needs to communicate with other departments, so that they can guarantee an efficient organisational structure, selection, HR planning, performance appraisal, organisational strategies and training. HR hasn’t been entirely involved in the company’s major planning decisions, however with the exception of industrial matters that are associated with pricing and merging compensation and benefit programs of possible and understandable acquisitions.

Nevertheless, the need to draw and keep experienced workers who are decisive to the expansion and use of rising technologies serves as a sturdy inducement for the company to construct and maintain a culture and complete set of HR practices that act in response to the needs and interests of this sector of the workforce. SECTION TWO – Employment trends For this section of my project, I shall be presenting detailed knowledge about the labour demand and supply in the Camden area. I shall be including many things, such as:

As you can see, these are official statistics on the labour demand in the Camden area. The first table displays the Jobs Density, which is the ratio of total jobs to the working-age population. So this tells us that 278,000 of the working-age population in Camden have jobs. Then in the second column there is the density just in Camden which is 1. 8, in London the density is 0. 9 and in Great Britain it’s 0. 8. The second table is for Employee Jobs, as you can see here the total employee jobs is 248,269.

There are 193,021 employees working full-time and 55,248 employees working part-time. The rest of the table shows how many workers work in each industry, and in the next three columns, there are percentages that are based on total employee jobs. AJP can use this type of data, from the Camden Labour Market Profile, to look and see the numbers of staff that are available to work, because AJP are hoping to employ 20 sales staff, 30 administrative and secretarial, 10 Managers and 30 Associate Professional and Technical staff, for their South-East company.

The total population in Camden is 210,700 of which 104,000 are males and 106,600 are females, which also shows there are many women than men in Camden too. From looking at data, I have been able to learn that the people of working age (16-65) in Camden altogether is 151,700 of which 77,600 are males and 74,100 are females, telling us that there are more men working than women, in Camden. AJP will have to look at the Labour Supply in the Camden area. I have noticed that in Camden there are 100,300 people who are economically active, that’s 70. 9% in Camden.

In London there are 74.5% people economically active and in the UK altogether there are 78. 2%. There are 92,900 people in Camden who are in employment, of which 74,300 are employees and 18,000 are self-employed. So that’s 65. 7% of the population in Camden who are in employment and 7. 4% who are unemployed. Nevertheless, there are the other people to consider who are economically inactive, where there are people who want a job and those that do not want any jobs. From looking at the Labour Market profile, I have noticed that there are 41,100 people in Camden, who are economically inactive, that’s 29.1%.

There are 10,300 people in Camden who want a job, that’s 7. 3% of people seeking employment. I have also noticed that there are 30,900 people not seeking employment, that’s 21. 8% altogether. As you can see, there are more people not wanting jobs, and then there are people who do want jobs. This is useful to AJP, because they will be able to see that there are more people available for working, which is good for them, as they r looking to employ at large number of people. However, there are more females wanting jobs than males, 7,200 females that’s 10.5% want jobs, whereas only 3,000 males want jobs, which is 4. 2%.

There is also the income sector to look at as well. If AJP are planning to start their business, they will need to know what kind of income people in the Camden usually get, so they don’t pay less, or too much. Data shows that gross weekly pay for full-time workers is 556. 60, males do tend to gain more income than women though, as it shows that male full-time workers get a gross weekly pay o 594. 70, whereas women only gain 518. 80, men earn an extra 75. 90 more.

In London however, full-time workers get a gross weekly pay of 513. 20, where men get a weekly pay of 554. 70 and women get 469. 70, which shows that Camden is a good place to work in for the workers, because they can receive a rather higher income, and receive greater prospects to.

AJP would also be located in area where they will gain a good number of customers and clients, as it is a busy place, and the busier it is, the more profit you could gain, this could be largely due to Human Resources, strategic planning, putting motivation into workers, who are then able to perform their jobs a excellent level, which customers like and will come back more.

Also, the Camden Labour Market Profile isn’t just good for AJP, but also useful to other businesses looking to start up in the area. It gives them a general idea of the employment rate, the gross weekly pay rates and so forth. AJP wouldn’t want to be short of staff as soon as they start up, because then the business won’t run as planned. The less staff you have, the more stressful it will become too, as workers are under twice as much pressure to carry out jobs, because of a short supply of workers.

Another thing also, is that Camden is one of the most socially diverse areas in London, there are many people who come from different ethnic backgrounds, and basically it’s a very multicultural area. Another reason to start up a business here, is also because of that, as there are more potential clients, and you are not in just one area where there isn’t much going on, you are located where many things happen, where many activities take place as well, which can attract customers.

Camden has a diverse industrial structure, where a third of jobs in the borough are in business or professional services, with a third being in the public sector. This borough has a high amount of small or micro businesses, recruiting around 10 people. Camden also has large employment potential and is accountable for much of the liveliness and success of the business-related areas in the borough, because it is seen as an eye-catching place to start a new business.

The ‘Day Population’ is larger than the actual resident population in Camden; this is due to the high number of commuters and students coming into the area each day. The area’s resident population has partly less children, but more people aged 25-34 and lesser people aged 50 and over, particularly women aged 75 and over than in England. There is a distinctive cultural mix of Camden, and this is reflected in the large number of men, 46% and women 49% from Black and minority groups. This also includes all other groups, except from White British.

In Camden, the largest Ethnic Minority groups are usually the White other groups, so it could be Irish, German, French and so forth, who make up 16% of the population, people of Bangladeshi origin make up 6. 3% and Black Africans 6%. This kind of data would be very useful to AJP, because it explains to them about the business sector in Camden; this would give them a head start into finding out what the business sector is like in the area. AJP would be particularly interested in the ‘Day Population’, because that is where potential customers are.

It explains that the ‘Day Population’ is larger than the resident population, this type of data would be good for any business in that area, because they know that there are more commuters, students and so forth that come in the day, so it gives them the chance to put themselves forward, try to gain customers and potential clients as well. The Ethnic Minority area, tells us that there is a unique mix of cultures, with the White other groups as the largest Ethnic Minority group.

This type of information is useful to AJP, the lively area and the large mix of cultures, the income area and the number of workers in the area, are all put to Human Resource planning. It gives the department, a good sense of knowledge, about the employment rate and how many workers there and how many people who don’t work as well. As AJP are looking to recruit 10 Managers and senior staff, 30 Associate professional and technical staff, 30 Administrative and Secretarial and 20 Sales staff, there will be particularly interested in the employment sector of Camden.

It also allows AJP’s Human Resource department to plan how they will proceed with recruitment, what kind of motivation and training to give the potential workers, and also with the large cultural mix in Camden, they can put that into good use (e. g. employ workers from different Ethnic backgrounds, so that customers can see that and can have a good impression of the company, and also that the company is trying to fit in with the area as much as possible.