Business Model and Strategic Plan Part I

Product McAfee Is Introducing a new line of software designed specifically for Android and iPhone devices to block unwanted spying from applications downloaded on the mobile devices. McAfee Spyware Blocker will target applications designed to collect personal and private information. The applications on the users phone that are targeted are; photos, email, browsing history, camera, contacts, passwords, and all information posted in mentioned applications. Mission Statement McAfee Spyware Blocker for the iPhone and Android follows the same mission as the products for Its personal computer software.

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Our mission for the McAfee Spyware Blocker application is to protect each client’s identity and personal information while using their mobile device with an advanced innovative software rogram designed to protect all information on the mobile device. The McAfee Spyware Blocker will filter all movements on mobile devices and warn the user with unwanted tracking, or spying from developers of applications. This also includes third party applications such as the popular Facebook, Pinterest, Yelp, Instagram, and other social media sites who require access to the users Information.

Customer Need As the first of its kind, McAfee Spyware Blocker, has set itself apart from other spyware blockers. The software provides protection on mobile devices, and from nwanted sharing of Information when downloading applications. The software creates a separate profile based on user preferences, which block all real Information of the user. It then forces applications to use false information, created by the user, to run applications that require access to personal information.

Clients of McAfee are guaranteed by the history of the company, and its proven success and growth of its other products, which set the company apart from the current competition. The company is in constant development of Its products to Improve, grow, and meet the quick changing needs of technology and clients. McAfee follows trends and see’s the need for an advanced spyware blocker for the mobile market. The division has developed, what it feels, is an advanced, superior product for its current client base, and has developed a plan to achieve a new market of customers.

Vision Model The vision of the McAfee Spyware Blocker Is to create the best mobile spyware first, but will add the iPad, iPod, tablet, and eventually all wireless devices. Wireless devices could potentially allow applications to be hacked and monitored for personal and private information. With the growing market of personal mobile and wireless devices, McAfee will ontinuously grow and advance the current software technology. The advances developed will provide upgrades for current clients and new software for new devices and platforms.

The demand for privacy protection in todays quick moving and growing technology market speaks volumes for the need for new advanced software for the growing community of mobile and wireless devices. The decision to create the McAfee Spyware Blocker division and be a leader in the market was an easy decision, and one that will grow the company in the direction of the ever-expanding technology movement. Business Model Throughout the history of McAfee products, the growing development of new technology has brought about a high demand and need for protection of client’s information.

The need to protect clients has grown from personal computers to mobile and wireless devices and has our clients asking for more advanced protection while using an array of devices Mobile browsing on an Android or iPhone device, allows spies to access personal information. In recent years, breeches have caused an increase of identity theft directly related to mobile devices. The information stored, or applications used hile on the device are likely to provide an expert hacker to gain valuable personal information.

To satisfy the consumer need for protection, McAfee developed the spyware blocker division. The value created to offer advanced protection while operating the Android or iPhone devices, is unparalleled to any other spyware protection claims. No other spyware developed by competing companies has provided the user with absolute confidence of protection while using their mobile device. The software is an advancement of our current products, and the basis of the spyware is the same as in our other products.

Because we have added to an existing product, the product, planning, development, and creative costs were minimal in relevance to the overall product offered. The company will continue to develop products that are on the cutting edge of what is going to come in the future. By utilizing the current software platforms, coding, scripting, and language, we are able to make advances quickly and cost effective. McAfee Spyware Blocker will continue to grow and develop as the market grows, and technology advances to include new products, McAfee, Inc. (2014). Vision, Mission, Value

The previous launch of the McAfee Expanded Data Security, Application Security, and Ease of Administration in 2012, protected users from browser invasions. The applications, however, did not stop companies from using information from a clients phone, McAfee, Inc. (2014). The previous launch of mobile device protection, allowed McAfee to move in the direction of advanced mobile and wireless protection, by the development of the technology development and advancements and the need to create software to protect clients using multiple platforms, and from the creators of applications that equire access to personal information.

The vision and mission of McAfee have always been to protect and provide its clients with the most advanced software protection from spies and hackers. The decision to create a new line of defense against advanced hackers and spies came from the need to protect against unlawful privacy breeches. The value of the product could be described as valuable beyond any dollar. To sell the product, the cost to produce, and the market value of the product describes the cost of the product to be $59. 99, which will include any follow-up updates, McAfee, Inc. 014). Vision, Mission, Value Summary The vision of McAfee Spyware Blocker is that each client will feel secure and trust that their information is protected on their Android or iPhone devices, and in the future, other wireless and mobile devices. The future of McAfee Spyware Blocker, according the analysis of the market research, shows that the software will continue to grow with demand of its clients and technology. The mission of McAfee Spyware Blocker is to be the best in the market, to out sell, out develop and outshine the competition.

The ability to build and expand on an xisting product to provide clients the best possible product has allowed McAfee to be a leader in spyware blocking software. The employment of highly knowledgeable employee’s of McAfee products gives client’s confidence in receiving assistance with the product Employees will have vital knowledge of the product and how the product works. Having extensive knowledge the users platform (Android/iPhone) will not only give confidence to the leaders of the McAfee Spyware Blocker, but also the end users of the software.