Business organisation has adapted its working arrangements

I am going to evaluate these two and state what NHS did in elation to these right and responsibilities laws. MINIMUM WAGE The minimum wage requires employers to pay their employees a minimum amount of money which Is based on the current version of the law, which Is raised every year to adjust the living costs. There are some advantages and disadvantages to the minimum wage requirement. Advantages: Helps to close the income gap between poor and rich (wide income gap threatens democratic values and freedoms.

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Helps to prevent abuse by employers – employees working long hours will be rewarded Adults who depend on their pay checks to pay he bills can keep their jobs and not compete with people who are less experienced or teenager workers who would be willing to work the same job for less money. Forces wealthy companies to share more money they make with people who had helped them get them. It helps reduce the practice of advertising all the money for the executives and pay salaries to employees.

Disadvantages Inflation Prevent some businesses from turning a profit because of such tight budget Illegal Immigrant employees can be found and often work for less than mlnlmum wage NHS did acquire minimum wage for their staff but did made a pay freeze for them ecause of the budget that they had to cut down in order to make some more of the profit. In my opinion they made those changes to quick and patients were affected by It because nurses had more pressure at work and did not care or they did not make It to give patient the best care possible.

FLEXIBLE WORKING PROVISIONS Working conditions change within socio-economic changes and the way businesses are run changes. Many people work in telecommuting Jobs where all they really need is a place to sit and a computer with internet connection. Other businesses allow workers to work from home or set them a set of working hours on site. Advantages Ability to arrange workday around personal obligations for example instead of working the normal shift from 8. 0am to 5. 00pm people can choose to work from 7. 00 am to 4. 00 pm and use that hour left for personal matters. Increased productivity Increased satisfaction Decreased Absenteeism 1 OF3 Decreased employee turnover Disadvantages Responsibility for time management is more persistent if specifically working from home Employees and supervisors are not around to answer questions that you have to ask and also to keep you on track Balance between family and work can be hard

Hard to be on task if arriving hour before, without any supervisors Increased productivity depends on personal motivation and the workplace environment NHS staff had flexible working provision before because it is a 24 hours service however, a the new changes were made by the Government to cut down budget, nurses had to work more for less, sometimes they had to stay overtimes but they did not get more money for this. In my opinion they should be able to have flexible working because it increases staffs motivation and productivity which could benefit the organisation and the patient’s care would be better.

Advantages Some policies provide employee’s retraining who prove that they are unable to restart their previous Job duties. In some cases, policyholders who continue to be disabled, past the time which is stated in their policy, they may be able to have their payments paid for the exact period of their disability. Premiums often succeed as deductible business expenditure. For policyholders, some policies provide to receive part of all of their accumulated premium payments at age of 65, which is provided that have never fallen victim to disability.

Disadvantages Expensive for example to install ramps and lifts, doorways to accommodate heelchairs Return might limited Distribution whilst it’s been put in place As there are approximately 11 million adults in the UK who have a disability this means that there are some doctors with disabilities and NHS benefits from employing staff with disabilities because it increases diversity of the workplace and doctor with disability could have better relation with the patient because of the similar experiences.

The ‘Access to work scheme was set up by the government. According to the directgov website: ‘Access to Work might pay towards the equipment you need at work, adapting premises to meet your needs, or a support worker. It can also pay towards the cost of getting to work if you cannot use public transport. If you need a communicator at Job interviews, Access to Work may be available, too. ‘ In my opinion it is good for the NHS to have disability provisions for their staff as it shows that they are working towards having better relationship with their staff.

Enables families to spend time together, as well as working and contributing to family income. Gives people the chance to discover other interests and new experiences, often bringing back valuable skills into the workplace. Enables staff to balance the emands of their work with the need for rest. Attaining a positive work-life balance decreases anxiety levels and increases levels of staff retaining, inspiration and output.

Disadvantages Distribution to productivity and performance expensive as you will have to recruit someone from agency and give training Quiet often people want to take Holiday at the same time which can cause issues with business not functioning effectively Staff at NHS had been given harmonised holiday entitlements of 27 days per year, plus eight general and public holidays, rising to 33 days after ten years’ service.

However because of the new changes made by the Government, some people could not get holiday in the time they wanted or Just did not want the holiday because of the low amount of pay they got and also they had to work longer hours. In my opinion the NHS should follow the law and not pressure their staff because if they get holiday and can easily go for the holiday, their pressure could be decreased and when they go back to work after the holiday, their productivity will be better which means that patient’s care will be better. All these rights and responsibilities are both valuable to employer and employees.

NHS is one of the government departments whose budget is ring-fenced which means that it is protected from budget cuts as minister make cuts 8% on average in other areas to try to decrease the deficit. The Telegraph newspaper says “Lord Warner said there is an urgent need for reform of the way NHS services are delivered as the demands on the NHS have now changed, with more people being treated for long term chronic conditions meaning better community health services are essential. ” NHS has adapted promotion for people already in NHS (pay freeze) and any Jobs available to NHS can apply for vacancies (only stafO.