Business Paper

To this end, this project will assist students in preparing for a successful career, a successful career change or professional elevation. In this paper you will have to analyze your skills, learn about different careers, and determine the best possible match. By exploring internships and other volunteer opportunities, contact development, skill analysis, and research you can gain an edge to make a smooth transition from school to work and to your desired profession. Your term project is divided into the following 8 sections: 1 . Business Skills Assessment – Before you choose a career you will need to know hat motivates you and what skills you can offer an employer. Think about something you accomplished in your life that made you really proud.

Write a story about it. Now go over the story and analyze what you had to do to make that happen. What skills did you use? Make a list of five skills you used and rank them. In determining your skills, think in terms of “Did you analyze information? ” “Work with people”, “Use Mechanical Ability? ” etc. A. Use Microsoft Word to write your story and then create a table with two columns: one listing the skill and the other explaining it. This is due on Sunday, January 20th at 5:pm EST. 2. Researching Careers – In this section you will have to choose three careers that interest you. List these careers. For each of these careers research and answer the following: a.

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Nature of the work – what does someone in this position do on a daily basis (a Job description). You will need to research this from a respected source – don’t write what you believe each occupation entails. B. Employment – document the number of Jobs available for this position. Again, you need to research this number. C. Qualification, Training, and Advancement – document the qualifications needed to secure this type of position as well as the training and advancement opportunities. Research this – don’t assume you know the answer. D. Job Outlook – document if this type of position is expected to grow within the next ten years. You will need to look this information up from a reputable source (see below – balls. Ova is a good source), and have actual figures to cite. E. Earning – document the salary range someone may earn in this type of position. You can accomplish the above by using the Internet, the Wall Street Journal, or The New York Times to research these positions. A good place to start is the U. S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics: http://www. L’s. Gob a. Put all of the above information in an Excel worksheet. This is due on Sunday, February 3rd at 5:pm EST. 3. Internships – Any Kina AT work experience related to your Title Tanat you can get while in school will greatly increase your chance of employment in that field after graduation.

You are required to either call or visit Monomer’s Office of Career Advancement and ask that a counselor review any internships they may have in your field of interest. Document the details of these positions and what you will need to do to eventually apply for any of the above. You will need to specifically document the tepees you will need to take to apply to an internship through Monomer’s Office of Career Advancement. A. Use Word to report the above requested information. This is due on Sunday, February 17th at 5:pm EST. 4. Networking – List three possible people who you can contact to help in securing information about your career. Document your discussion with each of these individuals. Also, identify a company you would like to work for.

Call the human resources department of the company and ask what you would need to do to schedule an informational interview. Document your conversation with the human resources personnel. A. Use Excel to create a chart with the above information. This is due on Sunday, March 3rd at 5:pm EST. 5. Resume – Describe a functional and a chronological resume. Explain what makes these different. Also, prepare either a functional or chronological resume for yourself. A. Use Word to complete the above. This is due on Sunday, March 10th at 5:pm 6. Computer Skills – State how well you know various software programs (Word, Excel, Powering, and others) and which you need to become more familiar with.

Document your specific plan of action of how you will become more proficient with the ones that you are not familiar with. . Use Excel to create a chart with the above information. This is due on Sunday, March 17th at 5:pm EST. 7. Selection of Minor (BAA business majors) or a Concentration (Associate business majors). Specifically state which minor or concentration area you will select and work towards satisfying the course requirements. Your minor or concentration needs to be available at Monroe – research what is available at Monroe. Check the term project resource folder. Explain why your selected minor will assist you in your future career plans. A. Use Word to report the above information. This is due on Sunday, March 24th at 5:pm EST. Summary/Conclusion – This will be a summary of the entire project, much like a business presentation. Create two documents – the first a Word document, and the other a Powering document. For ten Word document, create a Dustless memo Tanat lists all parts AT ten assignment. List each section you have already completed, as well as the Powering summary presentation. This is similar too Table of Contents and serves as your cover memo and first page of your project. This cover memo should include a personalized opening paragraph that explains the project and highlights the benefits of the project from your perspective. Therefore, no title page is needed.

For the Powering document, create 1 or 2 slides which summarize each section of the term paper. For instance, your first slide would summarize the most important parts of the Business Skills Assessment. Give a few sentences that summarize your story, and include the chart that lists the skills you used and how you used the skill. Continue on, and create a slide or two summarizing the second section of the term paper – Researching Careers. Don’t include all the information, Just the highlights/most important information. Continue on for all remaining sections of the This is due on Sunday, April 7th at 5:pm EST. You will also need term paper. To attach all 7 other components of the term paper in the Summary/Conclusion dropped.