Business Pizza Hut Term Paper

The first Pizza Hut restaurant opened in the UK in London in 1972. The history of Pizza hut began in 1958, when what is now the world’s largest pizza franchise was born. Pizza Hut is the world’s largest pizza restaurant chain and is a subsidiary of Yum Brands, Incorporation, whose restaurants total approximately 34,000 restaurants. The whole history of pizza hut has been achieved through innovation, but the history of pizza hut really took off with amalgamation into the Pepsi Company and more aggressive marketing techniques especially in the take out market.

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About the product a variety of toppings are available, plus specialty styles, ncluding Meat Lovers, Pepperoni Lovers, Cheese Lovers, Veggie Lovers, Double Cheeseburger, Supreme, Super Supreme and the newly introduced PizzaMla. Pizza hut offers a long list of products and never afraid to offer new products like in Peshawar according to market they Introduce the very first Chapli Kabab Pizza which was very healthy product by Pizza hut In this region. There are a lot many products according to different geographical places. Like in India they have got there vegetable pizzas, which has a large market there but not the Cow Meat Pizza