Business Plan

This business Is affordable by the buyer’s and easy to sell. We can also create new designs or we make personalize shirt or couple shirt. IV. Vision, Mission Vision Bida Best shirt vision our vision Is to be the best company in the world-An the eyes of our customers, shareholders, communities and people. We expect and demand the best we have to offer by always keeping eco-friendly and affordable. Mission Bida Best shirt purpose is to have a habit of giving more than the customers expected give. we will strive to better understand others and deliver the highest level of service.

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We will make all the customers fit in the new trends when it comes to fashion. V. Market Profile A. Research and Analysis Youth plays or takes the biggest portion of todays population. They are up to different trends, follow the “what’s in? ” in fashion and blend in as much as they can with respect to their own choices. That is the reason why we come up with the idea of creating the “Bida Best” t-shirts- to make them active and be involved in their environment while wearing the shirts with cool designs as representation of unity and global awareness.

Selling these shirts will definitely be difficult due to some important factors that e need to consider; the competitors; a good place to sell it; and the affordable price. “Basil Sports Wear” Is very popular In our area. They make the uniforms of different leagues such s basketball, volleyball, badminton, etc. , making It the 80% of the market share and leaving us the remaining 20% who are not into the sports. The strategy 1 OF3 attractive and appealing to the costumers’ eyes.

It can be a couple shirt, a group shirt, a batch t-shirt or however the customer wishes it to be depending on the arrangement or terms and conditions agreed by the both parties. As for the place where the product will be displayed or sold, it should be near at a landmark where the store can be easily by everyone, especially the youth who are the project’s main target. Lastly, the price which should be affordable by many to be decided wisely. The amount of each shirt should be balanced with the cost of the materials used including labor.

We think not only of what we can gain but also the expenditures we had. Promotions will be held and discounts will be given as part of advertisement, which will make the product in demand. Having a Justified income will only indicate the business’ success. B. Marketing plan Our product is t-shirt printing; we can say that our product is top selling because many people want some t-shirt that is trend like new designs, naming the shirt to be unique and we can make a couple shirts or batch t-shirt. There are many designs that we make sure the customers will like it.

VI. Production/Technical Plan Production Plan The business that we get into is silkscreen printing. It is the art of transferring conceptual design to t-shirts. There are steps that we take to produce our product: 1 . You can make your design or get designs from internet provided it is not patented. . Put on a tracing paper/ to transfer the design to the silk screen you will be use photographic machine. 3. Use a stopwatch to time the length of exposure and then, when the time is up, spray the silkscreen to come up with the design. . You can now print the design using the textile paint and let it dry. Operating strategies Critical Risk Our business is not focused on sportswear like our competitors. We can also have different kinds of products. We have a batch t-shirt for students, couple shirt, etc. We have many things to offer especially in the design of our shirt for our product; we can ustomize it or by personalize it by putting names on it or pictures. We are giving a discount for a whole sale. The order, the big discount they will get.

VI’. Organizational chart A. team members Manager: manage all the work. It makes the responsibilities done. Moreover, his/ her Job is to oversee or volunteer to ensure that the other carry out certain duties. supervise the work and handling the money. Supervisor: Forman: will lead the work Workers: the person who will do the work. In our company, the business legal ownership is partnership. We our group so we have a duties or responsibilities to make our business work properly.