Business Plan

Companies such as Starbucks and Coffee Bean ventured into the Malaysian market around 1998 and have introduced Malaysians to the world of specialty coffee and espresso-based drinks ever since . Today there are coffee chill-outs and cafes in every mall and business centers in the country. In the past few years we have seen how the Old Town White Coffee boomed into a popular franchise in Malaysia. This is prove enough that there is a huge market of coffee lovers in Malaysia.

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With the fast-paced lifestyles that so many of us have become accustomed to there is less and less time to stop and relax with a shot of espresso and read the paper. Especially in Kuala Lumpur, everyone seems to be in a race against time. How can these people enjoy a cup of coffee to boost their mornings without having to slow down for it? A drive-thru Cafi?? provides an alternative. The Freshly Brewed Cafi?? caters for the working individuals in Kuala Lumpur. By offering a high quality product in an easily accessible environment, Freshly Brewed drive-thru owners aims to redirect the consumer market previously owned by in-line cafes.

Freshly Brewed drive-thru kiosk targets all busy and on the go individuals with a wide range of freshly brewed coffee to kick start their day. Freshly Brewed provides customers the ability to drive through the kiosk and order their choice of a custom-blended freshly brewed coffee. Freshly Brewed main target group is working professionals. These individuals start their day very early each morning and they are often stuck in Kuala Lumpur’s bad traffic jams on their way to work. Freshly Brewed provides these individuals with an easy way to grab their cup of coffee by just driving through the kiosk and it safes time.

Freshly Brewed will penetrate its target market using drive-thru facilities in the most logical and accessible locations. The drive-thru facilities are designed to handle two-sided traffic and dispense customer-designed, specially ordered cups of premium coffees in less time than required for a visit any locally owned coffee shop or coffee chains. Freshly Brewed will be operating a cash business. The kiosk start up cost is significantly lower than the start up cost for a coffee shop. The process is labor intensive and Freshly Brewed recognizes that a higher level of talent is required.

Freshly Brewed will invest in highly talented and experienced employees to create a competitive edge over its competitors. Freshly Brewed anticipates the initial combination of investments of RM50, 000 to carry it without the need for any additional equity or debt investment, beyond the purchase of equipment or facilities. This will mean growing a bit more slowly than might be otherwise possible, but it will be a solid, financially-sound growth based on customer request and product demand.