Business Portfolio and Financial Contribution

Revenue is generated through the billing of professional legal advice. The service sector is often characterised by large margins and the legal industry is no exception. Bartier Perry employs 70 professional staff and 55 support and administrative staff with the plan to merge with another firm in the near future almost doubling this size. Fees billed are in excess of $15 million per year with WIP (work in progress) valued at about $1. 2 million. While in operation for over 50 years not always has the business focussed on maximising profit, it tended to be more culture driven earlier on while now management is more strategy driven.

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Bartier Perry’s main focus is addressing the client’s needs and developing policies and procedures that allows them to respond quickly to change. Management have a vision to grow the business but at a controlled level that ensures costs are offset by business demand preventing a case of “getting too big too quickly”. After receiving a “Highly Recommended” listing in a recent survey conducted by Butterworth’s Legal Profiles, Bartier Perry has cemented its position as a top notch boutique firm capable of producing a product equal to firms 5 times the size. They are recognised as being in the top ten insurance litigation firms in NSW.

The firm runs a constant stream of events to complement each practice area. If there are changes to legislation then seminars are conducted to inform clients of the change and the impact it has on their business. Luncheons are held regularly with political figureheads as guest speakers as well as a range of social events for clients like trivia or film nights. The marketing department is also responsible for identifying tenders for possible work and responding to them with appropriate supporting documentation. Competitors that operate in a similar field of work are PW Turk ; Associates, Cutler Hughes ; Harris and McCabbe Terril.

With a recent downturn in the level of corporate transactions occurring the larger firms that traditionally would have absorbed this work are now swooping and picking up work by smaller to medium sized firms like Bartier Perry. This new level of competition has meant a change in strategy for Bartier Perry which will be examined closer in the action plan. Political – the legal industry is driven by legislation therefore staying abreast and acutely aware of amendments to the law and passing this on to clients is mission critical.

Economic – law firms are able to whether economic downturns reasonably well. Bartier Perry is able to adjust its marketing mix to meet levels of economic balance. For example during a recession or when consumer spending slows the commercial litigation section may look to expand their debt recovery practice. It is also worthy to note that Bartier Perry do not engage in plaintiff work due to the inherent high risk instead focus on government and larger regulatory bodies provide a level of security.

Environment – paper is the tangible medium through which Bartier Perry conducts business so as can be imagined a large quantity of paper is used and discarded. The use of security destruction bins for recycling ensures that a socially responsible duty of care is taken. Demographic – as more people flock to the metropolitan centres the demand for legal services is sure to increase. Property transactions will continue to support the Property and Settlement practice area.