Business Research Applications

This business research applications paper will be used to discuss the marketing tools that are used by Kmart, Target, and Wal-Mart. In addition, it will evaluate the three organization’s Web sites customer service. An important element that makes up an organizations Web site is the implementation of their tools used for marketing. There are fundamental elements to be considered when developing a Web page.

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These elements include assessing the needs of the organization, researching the organization’s audience, developing the Web site to reflect organizational reputation and character, and making sure there is an animation level, which is adequate. It is also important to include multimedia, as well as programming, a internet connection that is reliable, and to have a server, which is dependable. A organization that is successful will also continuously adapt to consumer needs, make their shopping cart simple, and use banners as a part of their tools for marketing.

Each of these sites uses customer surveys to find out what is important to their customers. These surveys enable the organization to design Web sites that will attract consumers to the sites to increase the organization’s sales. Marketing Tools of Kmart To ensure the attraction of added traffic to the Web site, Kmart uses the marketing tools of banners, brand names, and email. Kmart. com (n. d. ) stated, “The main points of marketing for Kmart are names like Jaclyn Smith, Joe Boxer, and Martha Stewart products that are offered for sale.

” These product lines are the ones that Kmart has relied upon to provide credibility to their online Web sites. They also use these products to enhance their own product line (Kmart. com, n. d. ). The Web site of Kmart uses banners that direct their customers to popular departments. During Christmas time, the site’s banners point the way to their section of toys, and is used to lure children to their “Kidzone” site to access free games to play. These banners use images of cartoons to make certain products stand out, and to entice children to go to this part of the site.

The Kmart Web site also offers consumers access to their circulars for the week in their local area. These circulars are set up to be easy to use and read, as well as allowing customers to order merchandise straight from the circular. Customer can also submit their email address on the site to enable Kmart to send them information on their current deals and products (Kmart. com, n. d. ). Marketing Tools of Target Target’s Web site uses a showy marketing approach.

The Web site uses large images, which are used to draw attention to material that is time sensitive, such as their weekly ads. The Target Web site is navigated easily, and pictures are shown of the many products that are for sale on the site. During the holidays, the site is set up to draw attention to items that are usual gift items. In addition, a section is set up to aid one in finding gifts (Target. com, n. d. ). Target. com (n. d. ) stated, “Target offers free shipping on items over a certain price. ” The site uses bold type for words such as “free” and “sale”.

One interesting point is that the Web site is used to make unusual accessories and appliances for the kitchen stand out. These items could be easily overlooked; however, Target has a section called “The Red Spot” to highlight these items. This Web site does an efficient job of placing attention on these items (Target. com, n. d. ). Marketing Tools of Wal-Mart To enable Wal-Mart to capture their share of the market on their Web site, Wal-Mart uses color, preferences of the consumers, and advertisements that cycle.

There are four different pages of advertisements, which are cycled with bright colors, to grasp the attention of their audience. Upon visiting the Web site, a visitor will know what specials are available. This type of advertisement is a marketing ploy that is conveniently aimed at shoppers that may just quickly glance at a Web site before the finally decide to stay on that site and shop there (Wal-Mart. com, n. d. ). It is apparent that Wal-Mart researches the preferences of consumers to determine what items will be purchased the most by the consumers.

These preferred items are then featured and displayed in the advertisements, and in a spotlight section, which are shown in full color. The colors that are displayed on Wal-Mart’s home page are limited compared to the spotlight section. There are sections that are displayed in bright colors that contrast, to draw the consumer’s attention to those sections. Some of these sections are cycling advertisements, the price roll back list, and the featured items list (Wal-Mart. com, n. d. ).