Business studies – The aim is to recruit two sales

As I am an employer I have to abide by the Legislation Laws concerning the rights, entitlements and satisfactory working conditions of my employees. Some examples of these are as follows:- 1976 Race Relations Act This states that it is illegal to advertise for a person of a specific race or to show evidence of discrimination in training. 1944 Disabled Persons Act Companies over a certain size are required to ensure that Registered disabled people make up at least 3% of the workforce. This provides a disabled person with the equal rights of an able-bodied person with regards to giving them a choice to gain employment.

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When this Act became law it meant that it was illegal to discriminate against people purely on the grounds of their sex or marital status. The law tries to ensure that there are equal opportunities for both male and females in the workplace. Equal Pay Act 1970 This states that a woman must get the same pay as a man, if she is carrying out the same job and the woman’s work is regarded as being of equal value. ull details are available on request from the Personnel Department. A personal pension plan is an investment policy designed to offer a lump sum and income in retirement. They are available to all employees and one of our advisors will call with you to discuss the various options available and assist you in choosing the one most suitable to your own requirements

Rights concerning Trade Unions:- Employees may be asked by someone who represents a trade union if they want to join. If they decide to join, they will pay an annual subscription. Part of this subscription will go towards employing union officials. These officials will represent the views of the union to the employers in a bid to achieve their aims. Training, safe work environment, negotiating salary details – all these will be dealt with on your behalf by the trade union official.

Details of the Company’s disciplinary procedure: (A complete booklet detailing our company’s Disciplinary Procedure is also available on request from the Personnel Department). The contract of employment between Cleanup (U.K.) Plc and an employee is subject, among other things, to satisfactory conduct. Where there are any shortcomings in an employee’s overall conduct, he/she should, as far as possible, be made aware of these and possible remedies, should be considered before formal steps become necessary. The procedure within our company takes the following course of action:-After completing this Business Studies Course-work, I discovered the following main conclusions:-

Businesses and companies are governed by strict employment legislation. Jobs/Vacancies within firms must be advertised and filled using Equality and fair employment Legislation.  Trade Unions and Management have a dual roll in ensuring employees and management achieve the goals of the company.  Employment Legislation is in place to protect the employee and the employer. For my overall method of recruitment I am going to advertise the post of Sales Representative by External recruitment. This means that I will be advertising the post in the various ways:-Local newspapers.

Specialist magazines and journals  Recruitment Agencies To agree on an appropriate method of selection for the suitable candidates I will be setting skill tests and personality tests to establish who would be the most suitable person to take up this position in our company. When we have carried out all the selection procedures and the most suitable candidate has been chosen we will then commence a training programme. This will take the form of an Induction training day within the building and if further training is thought to be necessary or beneficial, at a later stage, off-the-job training (which has been explained previously in this report) may be arranged.