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‘Pizza Hut’ was set up by the two Carney brothers Dan and Frank in 1958, Wichita, USA. They called the business ‘Pizza Hut’ because their first restaurant had only room for 25 people and the sign only room for nine letters. They wanted the word ‘Pizza’ in the name and as the building looked like a ‘Hut, they named the company ‘Pizza Hut’. By 1972 there were over 1000 restaurants throughout the USA, that’s when the first business opened in the United Kingdom. Pepsi Co bought ‘Pizza Hut’ in 1977 and they joined forces with Whitbread in 1982 to run ‘Pizza Hut’ as partners in the UK. The restaurants became popular and by 1984 there were 50 ‘Pizza Huts’ in the UK and within 2 years this number had doubled to 100.

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Tricon became partners with Whitbread in 1997 and they owned the business privately. There are now over 400 ‘Pizza Hut’ businesses across the UK, and 12,000 World Wide. ‘Pizza Hut’ has one main mission statement. This is ‘to become the UK’s favourite brand.’ To reach this, ‘Pizza Hut’ has some aims that they wish to achieve to become the UK’s favourite brand. Before getting to their main aim they wish to set up a lot more restaurants World Wide. By opening up more restaurants they know that they have become popular because the demand for pizza has increased so they get more money from the profits to expand and for depreciation in the future.

Another aim that ‘Pizza Hut’ has to reach their main goal is owning and exploiting the delivery opportunity. To become more popular and to expand the variety of things they sell. They first opened up as a restaurant in 1958, and now in 2003 they have delivery services that delivery your meal to your door for as well as restaurants. This not only proves that ‘Pizza Hut’ has survived but also became popular because they have expanded in the verity of ways they serve customers.

‘Pizza Hut’ also wishes to ‘become the UK’s favourite restaurant employer’ which would help them reach their main mission statement. The business wishes to have excellent communication skills with their employees. This will help the business get new workers as people hear how the business treat their employees with respect and would want to work with ‘Pizza Hut’. It also increases the amount of restaurants as they have more people to fill the vacancies needed to run the restaurant. ‘Increasing top – line sales’ would too be an aim that ‘Pizza Hut’ wish to reach to accomplish their mission statement, as they want to increase the amount of products they sell so they earn more of a profit. With this they could expand or save the money for when they need it in the future.

To help ‘Pizza Hut’ achieve their aims that will lead to them becoming ‘the UK’s favourite brand’, there are a few objectives that need to be reached in order for ‘Pizza Hut’ to get their vision. Advertising is one objective that will help the business succeed. By expanding the verity of adverts to promote themselves, ‘Pizza Hut’ will be advertising themselves in different places, so when people are hungry they see the ‘Pizza Hut’ advert and think, I will go to ‘Pizza Hut’ for lunch. There is a range of advertising styles that the business could go for so that when people fancy a pizza they go to ‘Pizza Hut’.

Billboards, commercials, leaflets, letters and posters are just a variety of advertising ideas that ‘Pizza Hut’ can do to increase top line sales. Publicity will help to increase top line sales because more people hear about ‘Pizza Hut’ and want to try it, so they will go to their nearest branch. If they like the service they will spread the word about the business and ‘Pizza Hut’ will get more capital, as the customer keeps coming back.

One of ‘Pizza Huts’ aims is to exploit the delivery service. To reach this goal, a short-term aim for ‘Pizza Hut’ would be to increase the amount of vehicles each take – away restaurant owns. This will not only exploit the delivery service but also increase top line sales because instead of going out for dinner, the customer could order a pizza and have it delivered to them. By improving on the amount of vehicles at each take away restaurant, customers get their meal quicker as they don’t have to wait for as many other customers pizza’s to be dropped of first, because there are more vehicles to drop pizzas off when they are ready. People will spread the word about how hot they get their pizza from ‘Pizza Hut’ and the take away service will be just as popular as the eat in restaurants.

A short term objective of ‘Pizza Hut’ would be to reach its 6 months targets. This would enable them to observe if the business has maid a profit or a loss, and to see where the main problem has accord and what the solution is. It also allows ‘Pizza Hut’ to predict future problems and to make sure that they do not occur. By reaching their 6 month targets, it helps ‘Pizza Hut’ to achieve their aims, because they have the money to open more restaurants as well as exploiting the delivery opportunity.

‘Pizza Hut’ sells a range of products from pizza to ice cream. At both ‘Pizza Hut’s eat in and take away restaurants they sell a variety of pizzas. You can choose out of 6 crusts for the base of your pizza. These are the deep pan, Italian, Sicilian, stuff crust, the quad and the edge. From here there are many different toppings that you can order to go on top of your crust. They go from a margarita to a meat feast, ham and pineapple to seafood, you can also add extra toppings.

Drinks are also another product sold by ‘Pizza Hut’. You can order a diet pepsi, pepsi, pepsi max, fresh orange, lemonade, refill drinks and water. At their eat in branches, ‘Pizza Hut’ also sell salad and a choice of desserts, such as refill ice cream, cheese cake, chocolate cakes and knickerblockerglory. All ‘Pizza Hut’s sell side orders for example chicken wings, garlic bread, potatoes wedges, and sources.