“Immac” Buy the product

The above are all the claims made in the advert. It would be extremely difficult to check whether these claims were true, as you would probably need some very expensive and rare scientific equipment. The advert however uses this to its advantage as you could check most of them by buying the product. You could then use the product for a period of time and check to see whether it did what the advert said it would do. This is good for ‘Immac’ as it does not mind why people buy the product as long as they buy it.

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Also, if people find that the claims do come good then they might continue to buy the product and therefore ‘Immac’ make money. The claim about how it will condition your whole body is I think totally false as no matter how good a product is there are certain places where the skin just will not become smooth and sumptuous.

The vocabulary used in the advert is very simple, with only the adjectives being flamboyant. This is good as there is no point having an advert that people cannot understand. Some of the vocabularies is of an emotive nature and really do cause the emotions to tingle. For example the words new and now are used to convey the idea of novelty. This is good because often people buy a certain product only because it is newly on the market. Women like to be ahead of the game and like to have the latest gear and so buy using the novelty idea they will persuade these sorts of women to buy the product.

The positions of words in this advert are cunningly placed the product gets the priority at the beginning of the sentence and the condition of the skin comes right at the end. This is clever in the sense that when reading the advert the product and the good condition of the skin gets emphasised because of their relative positions in the sentences. There are also puns used in the advert. Puns are often thought of as being cheap humour, however, in this advert they are used as means of getting across two meanings or just to make you think. The latter is what it is used for the most; this is because if you are thinking about the advert then it means you it could be persuading you without you even knowing it.

We have a series of repetitions and alliterations running throughout the advert. For example, care is often repeated as is the skin and the product. The alliterations are also scattered all over the advert, but are mainly used when describing something. For example ‘care collection’, refreshingly rich’ smoother, softer skin’ and ‘long-lasting’. This alliteration helps to persuade you to buy the product because it is pleasant to read and rolls off the tongue this causes you to ‘go with the flow’ and read on.

We also have a personalisation used in this advert; ‘you’ and ‘your’ are repeated over and over again. This technique is used because it makes the advert more personal and so it is like ‘Immac’ is selling the product solely to you and so this makes it much more tempting to buy. The advert uses a clever syllable pattern to persuade its readers; most words are monosyllabic apart from the product and the adjectives describing the product. This causes emphasis to be placed on the product, which is of course what the advert is there to do. The mood of this advert is soft and soothing and this is shown in the font that is used in the advert. It uses its language to try and gently seduce into buying the product.

Its sentences are mainly statements, but having said that the top selling line ‘Now you can care for your body as much as you care for your face’ is a type of command. This is used because often women can be vain and do care a lot about their facial appearance and so the top command plays on this and tries to relate to the women that might buy this product. There is also a question right at the end that is trying to put that final bit of influence in before the advert finishes it uses a pun on complexion and a rhetorical question to leave it up to you. Almost as if to say ‘you’ve read the advert and now its up to you’.

The main line of appeal in this advert would have to be the picture as it is the main thing that attracts your attention. Even though the text sells the product it is clear that without the picture you would not look twice at this advert. Some might say that this is just because I’m a male that I am saying that, but after asking some women for their opinion they have said the same thing. Overall the advert is successful as it sells the product to me and I would consider buying such a product for a female friend. It is clear that this advert is using sex appeal to try and sell the product and this helps the overall success of the advert. Even females have said that this advert has sold the product to them and so it is not just the picture that works but the text as well.