Capstone: Project Management and Outlet Job Materials

Needs of the customer change Ensure customer understands effect to project 8. Communication issues Ensure you have a secondary communication Project Constraints Project Scope not clear, Communication issues, Equipment difficulties, Shortage of project staff, Project staff not experienced with equipment, Key project managers are difficult to contact when issues arise, Work orders submitted require days for approval, Work schedule unable to be completed. Chinese regulations prohibit the use of fiber optic cable. Project Dependencies Any major unforeseen projects in any of these locations may impact the schedule and phase priorities.

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Project Date Due Deliverable Dependency Start implementation Contracted by Firm Test connectivity Install/Configure (allocations) + Homepage Project Approach The Spades’ Team will be used in order to install, configure, cable, & test the twelve locations in the three geographic regions. Roll-out will happen in phases. Exact timing and scope of each phase may shift due to business priorities and will be determined by the Firm’s committee before each phase starts. Project Organization Shiite, Firm committee members An appropriate project organization structure is essential to achieve success.