Capstone: Security and Project Management Approach

At that time, the firm’s focus was to provide database performance tuning and security services, including assessments, penetration tests, policy creation, and regulatory compliance assistance. The firm’s current annual gross sales are currently million in U. S. Dollars. The Firm is interested in conducting a security assessment that will allow it to: * Gain a better understanding of potential corporate network vulnerabilities that may be visible from the Internet. * Determine if the current wireless network is configured securely.

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These activities are part of The Firm ongoing risk management program and are focused on identifying the risk level The Firm is currently exposed to so that an appropriate set of responses to those threats can be developed. The Firm is seeking to identify and select an outside independent organization to reform the activities listed above. The remainder of this document provides additional information that will allow a service provider to understand the scope of the effort and develop a proposal in the format desired by The Firm.

The Vendor will confine its submission to those matters sufficient to define its proposal and to provide an adequate basis for The Firm evaluation of the Vendor’s proposal. In order to address the needs of this procurement, The Firm encourages Vendors to work cooperatively in presenting integrated solutions. Vendor team arrangements may be desirable to enable the companies involved to complement each other’s unique capabilities, while offering the best combination of performance, cost, and delivery for the Penetration Test being provided under this RIP.

The Firm will recognize the integrity and validity of Vendor team arrangements provided that: * The arrangements are identified and relationships are fully disclosed, and * A prime Vendor’s proposal in response to this RIP will be incorporated into the final agreement between The Firm and the selected Vendor(s). The submitted proposals re suggested to include each of the following sections.