Careers Project

I am going to write my project on careers. I have picked this as a project as I thought it would be the most useful as it will give me an idea of the jobs available to me, and what subjects I will need to pick for A level should I wish to stay on. The careers project I believe will benefit me more than any other project I could have picked. It will give me an idea of the type of job I would be interested in, and I may well decide on a job I would like after working for this project. 2. Where am I now? I have not really thought about possible careers that would interest me.

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I have considered being some sort of engineer but I have no idea what this evolves. I need to look into more job possibilities and what levels of education I would need to need to do that job. I will need to research what exactly the job details me to do, and compare that to what I would like to do. 3. What I hope to achieve: I will have to write up a self analysis and think about my strengths and weaknesses and my personality. I will analyse my recent test results and see which subjects I am good at and which I should not think about doing for A level.

I will use a program called Pathfinder and see which jobs I am suited to, which it will automatically generate after I answer some questions. I will also need to look up information for four types of jobs that ay interest me. I will utilise the internet and books to find out this information. I will have to find out what characteristics I would need to do these jobs. Using my self analysis and this job information I will compare the two to find which jobs that would suit me. If there is more than one job I will pick one out of the possible jobs that would suit me the most. 4. Limitations

Unfortunately I will be unable to write a long or detailed piece of coursework as I have been given a short time to type it up in. Also I am unable to experience first hand job experience as my school only does work experience in lower sixth year and because of my age it will be unlikely that I will get a job. 5. Proposed Outcomes By the end of this project I hope to have examined all my vices and virtues and produce evidence about these strengths and weaknesses. I hope to find out which of my strengths are useful when looking and jobs and which weaknesses rule out which jobs.

I hope to thoroughly investigate several jobs and find out important things like average pay, what qualifications are needed as well as what type of character I would need to do that particular job. I will hope to compare the jobs I have researched with my strengths and weaknesses, and see which line of work I would be suited to and see if one of the jobs may be one I would like to have when I’m older. Hopefully I will rule out which jobs I should not think about. With the use of job finding software I can get an idea of which jobs I may be suited to. 6. Hypothesis

I will now mention four possible careers that I may think about joining when I am older: Engineer: I do technology and Additional maths at school so I feel my choices lean towards a job in this field. Pilot: I would like to see the world and I think this is the best way of doing it. Computer/Software Programmer: I like computers and I would have to take a tech course but it is something I think I may enjoy possible game programming. Computer Networker: I know the pay is ok and I know the basics of computer’s and I think I’m quite good with them, also I know that the tech does courses on building computers.