Case Study in Economics

In the article also mentioned the Industry sector that also elapse the growing of our economy. It is composed of mining, manufacturing and construction that increasing compared to the fourth quarter of 2012. By the years goes by were still hoping to achieve or to still maintain the fastest growing of our economy. But despite of the impressive growth figures of our economy, the Philippines still faces the challenges. Here are some of them; global slowdown, excessive capital inflows and natural disasters. It said that it can negate the gains and even push back the development of our economy.

Meaning there are still many actors that can affect the faster growth of our economy. In Job creation it has been taking less attention which explains why there are still more Jobless Filipinos than it should. It’s a good thing that the government was urged by economists to diversify the economy by revamping the educational system and also produce employment opportunities in manufacturing. It can really help those lack in employment and education if there are more opportunities waiting for them. It is the most important thing that everyone needed and our country needed.

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Comments It is good to hear as a Filipino that the economy of our country Philippines has the fastest growing economy among the Asian countries for the first quarter of 2013. It is also good to know that under the presidential of our very own President Benign Aquinas Ill the quarterly growth rate was the highest since he took office in 2010. Meaning our President and his allies are doing their best to take our economy grow fast. Congrats to the development of our economy, in the future let’s make it to be the next big economy of Asia.

In terms of the challenges that our country that encountering now we can’t stop it immediately but we must plan and think it well for us to apply the best solutions to our problems. The poverty in our country remains high, I think this is because of a population in our country too many Filipino doesn’t have a good Job and many children are not in school to study. We must fight the poverty but I think it is still depend to those people who are included in this. Just try to find a better Job or a fit Job for them.

For those children who are in lack in education try to learn to their own skills but I think the government must take a part f it. Suggestions As a concerned Filipino citizen Just try to maintain the improving growth of economy in our country to take us to a successful country in Asia. Keep the industrial sector maintain its increasing rate to help our economy improvement. In challenges that the Philippines still encountering like disasters our government should still make a solutions for this to help those people who are working in farms that really helps why our economy is growing.

The government and us as a Filipino let’s try our best to make everything better for good to our economy in Philippines. Our hard works will lead us to a better country in Asia if we will Just continue the best for our economy. Recommendations After I read the article about the economy of the Philippines this year, there are some things that I want to recommend for it. I know that I’m not that smart enough to say it but I’m hoping that this will help. If some disaster came up, like natural calamities we know that it will have a big effect in our agriculture that also may affect the growth of our economy.

If it is happen the trees are going to be strayed by the calamities we have still the power to put it back, after the disaster we may plant again a trees and more trees. Think of that we will do this for our agriculture that also helping our economy to grow fast. For the lack of education and employment I will Just recommend that the government should always aware in this issues. Make an action for this issues because if people have an education and employment then it is more likely that more of the Filipino citizen will not only be knowledgeable, but also talented and skilful to help our growing economy which the government need today.