Cert IV Business Marketin Identify Marketing Opportunities

Select an organization of your choice and identify who are the key suppliers and marketing intermediaries? I choose the organization of Coles supermarket because everybody know it well. For Coles I think key supplier is many different places. Some of these can be from company which make the product Coles is sell to their customers. Sometimes the milk and bread and meat and fish come everyday fresh in morning. Can be from farm (for example eggs) or company (for example ice cream) Anybody who is supply stock to Coles is key supplier.

If not many company sell this product then they more important. Marketing intermediaries for Coles is the company that help them advertising on TV and everywhere. Because many people will hear about them from internet and radio to. If someone choice Coles more than Woolworth or Laid it can be because they listen to ad somewhere. Coles can do themselves or pay another company to do for them. 2. Identify the customer markets that your organization is involved in Coles have many customers in consumer market because the products used for home. Family’s and people who need shopping will be the market for them, consumer bevel.

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Also reseller market is sometimes using Coles to buy stock and sell because they have higher price. For example small shop in country town. 3. Review the internal forces of your chosen organization. Situational factors: Location/position: Coles have many location in Australia and many people shopping there because convenience. Transport: They can delivery for customer if they pay money and cannot go to shopping to buy. Communications: Coles have many level of manager and they can talk each other can change something and improve. Technology: Use internet for order from customer and supplier.

Business equipment: Everything in shop need service so they can use for long time. Industrial relations climate: staff can Join union to become more powerful Current productivity: Coles have very good system now and make big profit because they sales high to market. Everybody can see they very success and location in many places. Only Woolworth is another shop who can take away customer from them. The Coles shops have many staff to help customers too and make them happy. Human resources: All staff need to training before start work in Coles shop. From young, people start Job and get experience to learn about this company.

Some people can get another Job from Coles if they study at university in the future. Financial resources: Coles have high profit level and new shop opening always Public perception: Many people know Coles and is famous. TV ad is good and I like them too. This makes me know about them and want to do shopping there. 4. Explain the environment within which marketing operates Marketing have important Job in help Coles become famous to people for shopping. When people watching TV or cooking show Coles always make ad and help remember about them. It is very important to promotion about brand in supermarket business.