Certain goals for the company

The career paths at Conquest Vacations can vary depending on an employee’s skills and desires. Conquest Vacations is divided into several divisions for maximum efficiency including: Products, Operations, Finance, Special Projects and Sales. This is done to ensure task completion and a focus on certain goals for the company. This also guarantees that all matters are never overlooked. A new employee can start in any department but if a job opening opens at a higher level Conquest Vacations looks within the department to fill in the position.

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To full fill staffing needs Conquest Vacations monitors workload. If they are overloaded the business realizes this and counters this problem with additional staff. Recruits come from outside and inside the corporation to help fill the needs that exist. Conquest Vacations is known to be stable and profitable proving the company is succeeding which in turn attracts qualified pool of applicants. Apart from internal and external recruitment Conquest Vacations uses traditional recruitment, which includes advertising through friends, competitors, newspapers, staff, and trade papers.

Realistic job previews tell the job applicant about the company and Conquest Vacations gives the applicant a sales pitch. Selection of applicants consists of interviews. The process of selection incorporated by the company for a level of management for example, is that via a structured interview with three interviewers on the panel. This process proves to be more cost effective than assessment centres, particularly when considering this level of entry. The use of three interviewers will encourage discussion and alternative perspectives in regards to the suitability of the candidate to the job as well as the organisation.

Nevertheless, Qualifications are discussed and if he/she can get along with other staff. A set of questions determines if the person is suitable for the job. The steps follow in a certain order starting with a resume entry. Then an interview is arranged with reference verification. With certain departments through the company, a physical exam is needed. Conquest Vacations Vice Presidents then analyses the applicant and makes their decision to hire. In developing a quality workforce in the company socializing is a big expectation of the behaviour of a new employee.

Human resource management is to achieve the best possible fit between the individual, the job and the organization. Most evident means of influencing an employee to succeed is giving them a percentage of a sale that they have sold. Conquest Vacations does not have a personal orientation for all of the different departments, but they do have an employee handbook, which outlines specific policies such as dress policy, health coverage, behavioural policies, performance expectation, privileges, and standard concepts.

Training is a set of activities that provides opportunities to new employees to acquire and improve job-related skills. Initial training begins an employee and upgrading and improving skills as required further strengthens him or her. The company has on job training as well as off job training. Quality control is present throughout all departments of the company. Also it is evident in the company that there are no limits to an employee’s success. If you are the best qualified and best suited you will be given that shot.

In maintaining a quality workforce the company does have turnovers. Replacement of staff without turnover being the cause is usual due to promotions, transfers, terminations, layoffs, and retirements. With both retention and turnover, performance appraisals are on a yearly basis. There is then a review of the problems that exist and an analysis of them. The problems are attempted to be corrected to prevent them from repeating. Base compensation depends on job description, level of job and also responsibility of the individual.

Fringe benefits include medical and dental plans, and of course discounted travel vacations. Other awards that attract and maintain this quality workforce includes an established business of thirty years. There are long-term employees and the same owner throughout the company’s first establishment. An excellent reputation has been established. When the business has been bad, staff have never been cut. So in conclusion, Conquest is a strong company with a great future, as long as they keep the same job habits and continue to run the company Robbie runs it now.