Challenge faced by management

Competitors Competition, from a managerial perspective, generally falls into the extraordinariness, though it can also be defined in the internal environment through struggle between strategic business units (SSW). As a manager, understanding the external competitive landscape is a critical factor in assessing company strategies and bench-marking appropriately to ensure the competitiveness of the firm. Businesses that fall to keep pace with the rivalry will eventually be overpowered, and often forced to an exit-strategy.

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Avoiding the risks of competitive factors requires a strong understanding of operational efficiency (low-cost), quality production, differentiation, and competitive advantage. The simplest perspective on competition Is in Industries where products are homogeneous. A directly Involved In such a framework and thus compete based upon two basic strategies: low-cost and branding. Low-cost suppliers are Just as they sound, finding ways to optimize their production and distribution to provide the consumer with the lowest possible price.

Branding, on the other hand, Is convincing the consumer that a higher price point Is Roth paying due to the company name. Most products and services are not homogeneous, however, and there is some opportunity for varying incumbents in an Industry to compete with one another through employing varying strategies. This is called differentiation, where companies approach certain niche needs within an industry in order to capture a segment of the market share. Branding plays an important role here as well, though assessing niche consumer needs and filling them is the focus.

Rather than that, quality usually sports the opportunity cost of efficiency, ND generally sees higher price points. This makes it a strong antithesis to the low- cost strategy. Internal competition is also a reality, and is a more complex issue intrinsically. On the surface, internal competition can either be direct substitutes or competing for funding. Combining these points, management must understand what products they are pitching and at what strategy will help them avoid going compete with other businesswoman they cannot contend with.

Managers must understand what they do better than the competition in order to implement the appropriate nominative strategy to gain market share and remain profitable. Technology Managing technology Is an Intrinsic part of managing a business, and effectively balancing resources to optimize efficiency Is an Important operational objective for all managers. The pace of technological improvement is running at an exponentially increasing rate. While this has been true for several decades, the strategy today competitor can wait for the next-generation technology, which may only be a year away, then use it to achieve an advantage.

Similarly, the ability for even the best of cosmologists to stay informed about emerging technology is in conflict with the need to master a company’s current technology. The problem to be solved is to develop a long-term technology strategy while remaining flexible enough to take advantage of unexpected technology developments. There are varying perspectives and strategies in technology management, all revolving around a few simple needs being filled in order to move the business towards the goal of achieving competitive advantage.

The reason behind this importance is that new, disruptive technology constantly presents he threat of competitors achieving higher efficiency and the opportunity of outpacing the competition It is easier to succeed and achieve when you are challenged. When in the nexus of an economic boom, it seems everyone shines brightly. You are then challenged to be noticed and recognized. However, when real challenges or crises arise, you have the opportunity to step up, handle the situation, and resolve the problem successfully. A down economy or competitive breakthrough from other companies creates the opportunity for you to establish career prospects.