Challenges facing the Organized Retail Industry

Challenges facing the Organized Retail Industry: Despite the rosy hopes, some facts have to be considered to positively initiate the retail momentum and ensure its sustained growth. The major constraint of the organized retail market in India is the competition from the UN-organized sector. Traditional retailing has been deep rooted in India for the past few centuries and enjoys the benefits of low cost structure, mostly owner-operated, therein resulting in less labor costs and little or no taxes to pay. Consumer familiarity with the traditional formats for generations is the greatest advantage to the UN-organized sector.

On the notary, organized sector have big expenses like higher labor costs, social security to employees, bigger premises, and taxes to meet. Availability and cost of retail space is one major area where Government intervention is necessary. Liberalizing policy guidelines for FAD needs focus as well. Proper training facilities for meeting the increasing requirements of workers in the sector would need the attention of both Government and the industry. Competition for experienced personnel would lead to belligerence between retailers and higher rates of attrition, especially during the phase of accelerated growth of the retail industry.

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The process of avoiding middlemen and providing increased income defamers through direct procurement by retail chains need the attention of policy makers. Taking care of supply chain management, mass procurement arrangements and inventory management are areas that need the focus of entrepreneurs. India is now on the radar of global retailers. Accelerated development of retailing industry in the country and building brand value of domestic products is essential not only for marketing our consumer products more efficiently, but also for the development of our own retailing industry. Challenges facing the Organized Retail Industry By unarguable