Change Management

The techniques and methods which are used in any research study is the theology acquired for the same. For this very report, change management in McDonald’s Is studied then the planning and Implementation for the same is done which Is concluded with the analysis of the study undertaken with proper recommendations and conclusions. RESEARCH DESIGN Research design deals with the systematic planning, organizing and executing a project of research In concern within a specified period of time. Basically it provides a framework according to which the collection and analysis of data Is done.

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For the present study at McDonald, primary and secondary sources of data will be used and hen it will be analyses to come up with a proper result of the question in demand (sapwood ; Coup, 2006). METHODOLOGY The methodology refers to the techniques and methods of systematic study of any problem. This entire study is conducted on the basis of primary data and secondary data collection and analysis. In order to fulfill the study, primary data has been collected with the help of questionnaire, interviews and observations whereas the secondary data has been gathered from the various materials and literature already available for us to use.

Research methodology is always taken up to have a clear and racial understanding of the theoretical part on the forefront (Pennsylvania, 2004). LITERATURE REVIEW A systematic approach to deal with the changes occurring In and around the organization Is termed as the change management. It Is studied from both the perspective: of the individual and the organization. It has three aspects to its concern: adapting to change, controlling the change and effecting change. In organizational context, change management deal s with defining the procedures and then Implementing those to cope up with the changes occurring.

And finally to earn refit out of the opportunities made available because of those changes. Change management is the need of the hour as an organization cannot keep on working on a ‘OFF environment because it exists in the same environment. The organization which understands this concept on time and is ready to accept the changes survives longer while the other struggle to survive in the same environment. In the case of McDonald also, there is a change required in the food item and advertising and marketing techniques for the same to improve its brand image to a newer level.

It should introduce foods with low level of cholesterol and fat. This change is important because the taste of the people keeps on changing and factor of health consciousness is another major reason (Cameron, & Green, 2004). ORGANIZATIONAL CONTEXT McDonald is at the top position in the field of fast food industry. It came into existence in the year 1940. The main aim of the company is to provide the customers with high quality food and service along with the hygiene and value. The quality of food is maintained by applying strict standards.

McDonald is working on a global scenario and is retaining the loyalty of the customers with the best services. The main competitors for the company are Yum Brand, KEF and Burger King Etc. It has more than 30,000 outlets in more than 120 countries. Experienced and skilled managers are appointed to manage the company and make the brand a world known entity. It has a great infrastructure and well managed organizational culture which makes it a better place to work. Shared values are the main essence of the corporate culture followed in McDonald.

Nearly 57,000 employees are given training every year which incur a expense of around 10 millions. The main aim of the organization was to lid such a reputation in the market which is based on the trust and dependability of employees on each other (Love, 1995). NEED FOR CHANGE Change management in an organization occurs because of many reasons prevailing in and around the organization and for that reason, McDonald also requires change processes. Some of the main reasons for the same can be described as under- * Customers- Taste, need and preferences of the customers keeps on changing day by day so McDonald should take care of this point.

New food items should be introduced keeping these things in mind with affordable price for the customers. Competition- There is high level of competition in the market of food industry. Main competition for McDonald comes from the competitors such as Big Mac, KEF and Yum Burger, etc. * Technology- To take up new technologies to come up with new food items and services to be provided to the customers is an important aspect while carrying on the business by McDonald. * Health and Hygiene- Consciousness towards health by the customers has become one of the major areas.

McDonald is supposed to provide such food items which take care of this need of the customers to a large extent. Force Field Analysis: To analyses a number of forces working towards or against the organization, the method field force analysis is taken into account. It helps the company in strengthening the decisions which the company takes in favor and it also helps in minimizing the error occurring in the process. It helps the company in analyzing that whether the processes taken are feasible or not (Cotter, 1996).

PEST Analysis: PEST analysis is done to understand the effects of the external or macro factors affecting any company. The acronym stands for- Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors. Operations of McDonald’s in various countries are Countries where economies are hit by certain fluctuations such as inflation, deflation and changes in the exchange rates, have a high impact on the working of McDonald’s as well. Depending on the taste and preferences of the customers of various countries, McDonald has given freedom to its outlets to work according to the dining needs of the customers.