Change management

Lankly says, “Including total process time and all delays. If your organization’s project cycle time is running higher than your targeted rate, then it is time for you, as a Lean Six Sigma professional, to take a look in the mirror and improve your capability to execute projects in a timely fashion”. (Lankly, 2012, Para. 1) A barber must improve his or her cycle time by efficiently applying hair artistry to a customer in a timely manner. The cycle-time improvement process will include: 1 . Assisting each customer in order as they enter the building. . Clients who re not being serviced will be acknowledged upon entering the establishment. 3. When client approached the station, attain a clear understanding of his or her needs. 4. Begin process. 5. Allow customer to identify any problem areas. 6. Accept payment, 7. Assist next client. With this improved cycle time process everyone will be receive the customer service they expect and in a timely manner. Together the team will develop change management initiatives and apply them to the daily process.

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Quality The quality of your service in this particular service industry will allow you to main a barber or find a new career. Barbering can be a lucrative career if the visual quality of your product is shown through the artistry you deliver. Each line and hair should be placed in the correct position. A barber should be able to look at his or her client and give them the hair style that suits their facial features. That customer in turn leaves the barbershop and does a free form of advertisement for your product. Quality is not possible if the visual quality is not apparent.

Cost Everything cost something. Whether you are changing the cost, paying the cost, or applying a cost there will always be something. Applying change management on a project is not free. It takes time, energy and resources. According to Prosaic 2011,” there are other primary cost components of change management that include: Change management resource costs, Training costs, Communications costs. (Prosaic, 2011, Para. 2) Barbershops develop price plans based on the area the shop is located and the service that is being rendered.

Customers complain about the price that has o be paid because they feel that everything can be negotiated because of the business. There are many costs when running a barbershop. The entire monthly expense that includes: lights, water, rent, and laundry. The expenses can be challenging if there are not enough employees to sustain the overall business. Each barbershop owner should review his or her expenses before opening a barbershop. Although a barbershop owner does not pay their employees the idea of waiting on barbers to pay shop rent can be overwhelming at times.

Barbershop owner should: 1. Update their establishment every time prices change. (This allows the customer to feel that the price change is due o the improvements. ) 2. Conserve electricity (Keep lights off and unplug equipment when the shop is closed. ) 3. Set appointments (Allow barbers to make appointments so that utilities are not being used if no one is receiving services. ) 4. Adjust (When situations arise adjust prices if there is a need. ) 5. Set a specific day a time for booth rent to be collected. Change understand why the changes are being incorporated.

The changes will allow each errors to be responsible for their actions. Some barbers want a pass because they are not making what another barber has grossed in a week; this makes them accountable for the services they render. Classes can be offered by barbers who have been in the business long to assist those who are not producing quality hair artistry. These changes will allow individuals to see his or her strengths and weaknesses. The overall changes will help the barbershop grow, because more people will come in if the quality is equal and the cost is reasonable. Resistance

Everyone will not be ecstatic about the upcoming changes. The company will not force anyone to stay each person is an individual and is free to leave at any time. However the company will conduct classes that will includes video on successful barbershops. This will allow the barbers to see what they could be grossing when the changes are effective. Everyone will sign a new contract that will slowly incorporate the changes. Finally, each person will understand the changes and how they will benefit everyone. Efficiency is the key to a successful barbershop and each errors will learn how to be efficient.