Character Development Of Dounia

The main character, Rationalism, receives majority of the attention about the development of his character throughout the book, however another interesting and complex characters that develops over time Is, Reasonless sister, Download. Domain Is an extremely complex character who is portrayed as strong and can withstand criticism. Furthermore, throughout the book she is shown as a woman who cares about her family, specifically Rationalism, thus connecting to her reason of marrying her husband Poetry the effects from her actions.

Further on In the book she also develops Into a woman who voices her pollen and stand up to defend herself when needed, thus making her character development very complex and transforming to a woman who decisive and premeditative with her actions. From the start of the book Domain is portrayed as a strong women who easily withstand criticism and mistreatment from others. From the beginning of the book Rationalism received a letter from his mother about what has been going on at home since the last time they have contacted each other.

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His mother explains that Domain as recently been accused by Maria Peterson of having an affair and how horribly she has been treated because of this false accusation. “Download, Insulted and put to shame, had to drive with a peasant in an open cart all the seventeen verses into town… For a whole month the town was full of gossip about this scandal and it came to such a pass that Domain and I dare not even go to church… But Domain bore it better than I did, and If only you could see how she endured It all. (Dostoevsky 27-28) Domain had endured such harsh treatment throughout the whole time when being accused as a ‘homework’. Such as her mother stated, Domain was able to handle the criticism and shame brought upon her family and herself. Therefore, it shows Domain as a character is strong and knows the truth about herself and cannot deviate away from that. While being the strong women she Is, Download makes tough choices such as marrying a man in order to help out her family.

Domain then develops on as a character by taking the unwanted task of marrying a man in order to help Rationalism. Referred to throughout the book, Rationalism is a student who had to discontinue school do to financial Issues. While his family knew hat he faced these issues, Domain and their mother took it upon themselves to take action and help support Rationalism get back into school. They then told Rationalism of their actions in the letter sent to him. So, Rowdy dear, he may be the greatest use to you, In every way Indeed, and Domain and I have agreed that from this very day you could definitely enter upon your career and might consider that you future is marked out and assured for you. ” (Dostoevsky 30) The book portrays Domain to make an unwanted decision only to help her brother’s financial issues and continue to further myself In life. Thus portraying that she will have to make a lot of sacrifices in life, such as her reasoning for a being a wife.

Poetry then explains the reason why he wants to marry a women like Domain. “He had made up his mind to marry a girl of 1 OFF good reputation, without dowry and, above all, one who and experienced pope because, as he explained, a man ought not be indebted to his wife, but that it is better for a wife to look upon her husband as a benefactor. ” (Dostoevsky 30) Although Potter’s thought process of marrying Domain because of her socioeconomic tutus seems quite ridiculous; Domain understand the reason of why she is going through the challenges with this marriage.

While she gives up a lot of her morals as a strong women to transform into a dependent wife, comes of great motive only to help out Rationalism financially and her own issues. Thus showing her development as a character to become complex when giving up her morals and trying to mold into a specific women that Poetry wants. While she must fit the ideal wife, she internally still remembers the women she truly is and sometimes express her true persona as a throng outspoken women.

Various times throughout the book, Domain shows multiple transformations of character depending on her surroundings, such as expressing her true persona as strong and outspoken women to Rationalism about being the wife of Moor. In the text, Rationalism has become extremely ill, and during this time his sister and mother have arrived to check on his health. During their stay Rationalism has a conversation with Domain about her illegitimate reasoning for marrying a man like Poetry. However, she doesn’t easily comply with Rakishness’s reasoning, but gives a strong remark.

She state that she is not marrying Poetry only because of Rationalism but because of her own issues. “In all this there is a mistake on your part. I thought it over last night, and found out the mistake. It is all because you seem to fancy I am sacrificing myself to someone and for someone. That is not the case at all. I am simplifying marrying for my own sake, because things are hard for me. Though, of course, I shall be glad if I succeed in being useful to my family…. ” (Dostoevsky 184) Domain finally shows her fierce persona and clearly explains her true reasoning for why she is making sacrifices for marrying Moor.

Although she cares deeply for Rationalism, her main focus was always on herself even though she may have to hide who she is at times. Throughout the book, it has portrayed Domain only to make her actions do to family, however their was a deeper reasoning which was to financially set her life in the future. Therefore making Domain an extremely complex character who transitions at times from her true self to the ideal wife, while she was wrongly portrayed to be family driven at all times, instead of mainly benefiting herself.