Child and Young Person Development

Describe, with examples, the kinds of influences that affect children and young peoples development including; background, health and environment. The kinds of influences that affect development before babies are even born could be the mother smoking, drinking, poor diet or taking drugs whilst pregnant which all harm the baby. Genetics are also a factor which could possibly affect development, such as; prematurely, autism, down syndrome, cystic fibrosis or chromosome disorder.

Another influence is medical conditions such as; dyslexia, dysphasia, visual impairment, AIDS, epilepsy, asthma and/or cancer/leukemia. Culture is another factor; parental influences on the child, religion, language barriers, religious festivals and dieting. Home environment also influences the development of a child; bad area, neglect, lack of stimulation, poor diet (takeaways), lack of money, lack of home facilities, lack of cleanliness, inadequate housing and peer pressure. 2. 2. Describe, with examples, the importance of recognizing and responding to encores about children and young peoples development.

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The importance of recognizing and responding to concerns is about the child’s safety and wellbeing. If I had any concerns about a child I would always tell my safeguarding officer or the headrace of my school. First instance would be to share it with the class teacher followed by a report to SENSE. Once I had raised my concerns and spoke to someone professionally I would note their name and the date I spoke to them for evidence which will be taken into consideration when my observations get taken up. I would then notify the child’s parent/s.