Child Development

Child Development CHAFFY 160, paper one There are many different aspects that influence and shape human development, One major factor that influences personal development is the social environment. A lot Of people don’t realize how many different aspects go into shaping how a person develops While growing up. According to Erie reinforcement, there are 5 main systems that influence human development: the Microsystems, Microsystems, ecosystem, Microsystems and chronometers. One system that influences the person directly is the Microsystems. According to Aren’t (2011), “The Microsystems is

Brotherliness’s term for the immediate environment, the settings where people experience their dally lives (p. 23). The Microsystems includes: family, school, peers, neighborhood, church group and health services. My family has one of the largest impacts on my development. When I was SIX years old, my parents got a divorce. Even though was only six, It profoundly affected me, even to this day. While grinning up, it took an emotional toll on me, from not being able to celebrate hold;days together, to switching from house to house on the weekends.

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M” dad moved on very fast and married when I was 8 years old: to this day I resent my stepmother for that very reason. Therefore. Becoming much closer to my mother. M}’ moon is a very independent person and has never relied on a guy for anything. I look up other for everything, and since she is my role model. I am now a very independent person by not relying on other people, being able to get stuff done on my own and being strong in difficult situations, The peers grew up with also had a vast impact on my life and decisions, When was in elementary school. Mom of the boys would make fun of my SSE by sticking pencils at the end of their nose and saying it looked like mine. I would myself to sleep and started to hate my nose, When was in junior high, I still got negative comments regarding my nose, I became embarrassed to meet new people. Thinking they Would judge me and think I Was ugly so didn’t go Out as much. Lust last year, I got a rhinestones procedure done to reduce the Size Of my nose. If I had never gotten criticized for the nose I was given, I don’t think would have gotten the procedure done.

Another system in Brotherliness’s ecological theory is the cryosurgery Unlike the Microsystems, the Microsystems influences the person indirectly. According to Aren’t (201 1), ;The Microsystems is the broad system of cultural beliefs and values, and the economic and governmental systems that are built on those beliefs and values” (p. 23). The Microsystems Is the largest system and Includes: the government, cultural values, customs, religion, and the economy. One aspect of the Microsystems. Which Influenced my development significantly, was the socio-economic status of my family. I was raised by two parents who each went to college and got a bachelors degree. My mother completed her degree, had her thirst child and then went to night school to complete her bachelors degree. That showed me how crucial getting an education was. The socio-economic status of my family instilled in me a great respect for education, which Is why I am striving to get a masters degree in psychology.

After my mother achieved her bachelor’s degree, she advanced in her job to beech-en a human resources manager earning were per year. This gave me a perception that I should make that much when I grow up, therefore, leading me to pursue the field of psychology. The culture of the Unites States has an enormous impact on me as I grew up. Ever since I was a young girl, the United States has given me a strong exposure to the value of independence. Personal freedom, independence, and responsibility are what our society strives for in individuals.

Since that was instilled in me as a child, growing up, I always took the initiative to try and figure out answers before asking someone, getting all of my work done promptly and on time, and leading a life deciding on what my future was going to be. Kids are constantly asked what they want to be when they grow up; that shows he value of independence and how anyone can choose what life they want to live. It is then up to the child, to obtain that goal by having responsibilities and going for what they believe in.

Since children are raised to have responsibilities, if a 6th grader came home with a poor report card, actions would be taken place. My family would set up tutoring in the subject they are struggling in, since academics are so important for succeeding in life. If the 6th graders academics never improved, he might flunk out of school, therefore, not being able to get a degree. If he never got a degree he would not get a well paying Job, therefore, not being able to support himself/family.

Since culture has such a big impact on development, depending on where one lives, there would be traditions and practices around the birth of a baby. If I were to have a child, my family would throw me a baby shower and give me gifts to help me raise the baby. On the day I go into labor, my family would also come to the hospital to help support me and be there to witness the birth of my baby. I would have my husband and mother in the room to support me and share the experience with me.