Child development and sexual behavior

As children begin to grow they experience many stages of development and sexual behaviors. I am going to be discussing the four stages of sexual behaviors that coincide with childhood development. Infancy (0-2 years) Before a child even leaves the womb sexual behaviors begin, such as when male and female fetus suck their fingers they are exhibiting sexual behavior. In some cases boys are even born with erections.

When the child becomes aware of their own initial they often play with them. When babies reach the age of 8 to 12 months they begin thrusting their pelvic area against objects. Orgasms can occur in as early as 5 months in boys and 4 months for girls with the absence of ejaculation. 6 to 12 months is when masturbation occurs either on objects or with manual stimulation. Between 12 to 15 months is when sexual curiosity begins to peek, they become very fixated with seeing their parents naked. At age 2 genital play with others starts to occur.

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They kiss, hug, and may even get on top of each other, it is also common for them to touch one another’s genitals when playing. Early Childhood (3-8 years) Children in this age of development usually show one another their bodies it usually occurs when they are pretending to play doctor. Kids at this age also engage in sexual behaviors with their dolls or stuffed animals. A fascination with touching their mothers breast is very common along with exploring their own genitals when they do not think they are being watched.

Preadolescence (9-13 years) In this stage it is common for children to have same sex experiences associated with rubbing and or masturbation. Masturbation usually has occurred by now one way or another. In this stage before too long usually they began to become interested in the opposite sex along with touching genitals of the opposite sex. Adolescence Between the ages of 13 to 14 boys usually have many erections were ejaculation occurs and they also may experience wet dreams.

They also began to masturbate for sexual release for tallest three times a week for boys and usually once a month for girls. However Just because they masturbate does not mean sexual intercourse will occur. At most times they usually rub themselves along with others or masturbate so that sexual intercourse does not occur. Oral sex is another tactic that kids in this stage use to avoid full intercourse, however tallest half or more of high school students are sexually active. Child development and sexual behavior By Danbury