Child development birth

Crawling, shuffling, walking, cruising, can go up stairs but not down, throws toys, holds cups, bottles, & spoons to self feed, holds pencils and crayons with good pincher control, points to objects, builds small tower with blocks, moves to music, showing preference to left or right hand, Able to respond to simple instructions if willing, uses limited words to get their message across, egocentric, can demonstrate aggression & likes to get own way, has temper tantrums, knows how to gain attention, developing memory linking past experiences which can effect behavior, cries when feet, upset at strangers, shows fear in uncertain/new situation, seeks reassurance with familiar people, Starts to relate pictures to real life, knows a drum will make a sound, short attention span, uses senses, imitates others actions, keep trying to do an action through trial and error, egocentric, Waves bye bye, points to items, understands what is been said, joining up syllables, uses gestures and will use between 3-20 first real words, likes picture books, uses the same word to identify lots of similar objects, 18 months -2 years

Increased size and strength, running and climbing, starting to be aware of body functions, & using potty,builds bricks of 6 blocks or more, takes part in action songs, can hold pencils correctly and getting the scissor action with practice of fine motor skills, able to get down stairs as well as up, stands on one leg, Jumps, pedals a bike, kicks a ball, undress easily but need help to dress Starting to do pretend play with adults, plays along side others, copies adults & older children’s actions, spoils others games, becoming independent ‘me do it’, needs activities and materials to investigate ND explore, aware of praise,not good at sharing, starting toilet training, hides their eyes and thinks you can’t see them, ignores you, temper tantrums due to frustration, says No a lot, still egocentric, mood swings, Is sensitive to adult approval and disapproval, despite tantrums and bursts of anger Connects 2 items together such as rubbish=bin, recognizes colors & shapes, longer periods of concentration starting to problem solve show curiosity and exploring, selects named items, can do simple puzzles, follows simple instructions, starting to make choices, Possible to have scapulars of 200 words and makes sounds such as animal, follows action songs and nursery rhymes, laughs along with others, able to point to lots of house hold items, 2-3 years most children master going to the toilet and staying dry, can go up the stairs 1 foot per step and down stairs 2 feet per step, can build a 9 brick tower & putting logo together, play and climb on play apparatus, kicks a ball, Jumps from small heights, pulls, pushes, peddles a tricycle, good pen control, continues to try and use scissors, rise to dress themselves with guidance and help, like song actions and exercise, Likes to please key adult in their life, likes to play with their peers, still at ‘mine’ stage with toys will share when requested and asked to show kindness, holds small conversations with peers and adults, Starting to be aware of others emotions, does not like strangers, imitates adult behaviors, listens to a short story, likes praise, can fear loud noises, large animals, Starting to understand what their family finds important as in values and wants to be good but not able to be.

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Knows boys from arils, Starting to be aware of others emotions, start to become interested in the time and clocks, takes part in pretend play, has a longer concentration period if engaged, follows instructions when willing, knows big and small and other opposites, starting to know right from wrong, understands the things been said rather than Just in picture form, copies other children and adults, knows parts of their body pointing to eyes, nose, ears, mouth, draws circles and then on to lines, getting good at age appropriate puzzles, Speaking in small sentences & conversations, vocabulary of bout 300 words now, using words such as mine, yours, like, there.

Sings short songs, likes stories, 3-5 years Runs, Jumps, climb ladders; starts to ride tricycles, tries anything, is very active, tends to wander away, draws in circles, likes to play with mud, sand, finger paints, unable to tie shoes, becomes very interested in own body and how it works, developing some independence and self-reliance, can have a fear of strangers, animals, and the dark, wanting to please adults and gain their approval, love, and praise, mother is still very important, notice’s the differences in men and women, may have emotional outbursts at situations or others when having troublesome feelings, beginning to play in groups, know right from wrong, can use verbal threats without understanding the full meaning, concerns of others opinion of them. Earns through senses, Uses imagination a lot, likes to play grown-up role- mummy and daddies, fire-fighters, police men/women, is curious and inquisitive, Speaks full sentences and holds a conversation