Child Development in Education

Child Development in Education Child development refers to the changes that occur physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally as a child grows and develops. It takes a lot of process and some of these are very crucial for the child’s overall personality. There are certain needs for each stage of the child’s development, understanding these stages helps parents know what to expect and how to best support the child as he grow and develops. Child development is one of the prerequisite subjects in Education, it even is one of the subjects in Licenser Examination for Teachers, One f the reasons why is that children have their rights (e. . Right to education and) and it Is the duty of the older people, parents, teachers and other community members to ensure that these rights are protected, respected and fulfilled. As a future educator, one of my major tasks Is to take part In honing the child’s ablest and capabilities. In order for me to do the task properly, I must first know the things that a child needs when he is In a certain stage. For example, I should know that a grade school child Is in the stage of exploring things in his life. Asking him use more of his motor skills.

Therefore, I must explain to him the things that he must know about what he is doing (e. G. What Is the effect of what he is doing? Is it dangerous or not? ). He must be educated so that he might not get into trouble and for him to know what Is right and what Is wrong, from time to time. Just Like what our national hero, Dry. Jose Racial said, “Kaftans and page-as Eng banyan. ” the youth is the hope of our nation and therefore without the right guidance of the elderly people, these hopes of the country has the capability of ruining the Philippines instead,

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