Child development – Physical development

Physical Development Physical development Is the development of the body. It Is usually the development within a few weeks either side of the average age of a child under 5 years old. As physical development proceeds, the child acquires various physical skills, such as motor skills; there are two types of this, gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Gross motor skills are large movements, such as, hop scotch, skipping, kicking, throwing a ball and taking large steps. Fine motor skills are the opposite to gross motor skills because they involve small movements, like moving their hand to write or draw.

These skills vary as their age progresses because they get used to all this movement and it becomes easier. The obvious physical movements are head control, learning to sit and learning to crawl. A newborn baby does not have any head control because the muscles to support their head are very weak. That is why you should always have your hand supporting the head and neck to avoid it going backwards. Learning to sit Is also developed at a young age. To get through this stage you should keep placing your child In a sitting position to strengthen the neck and back muscles.

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Learning to crawl Is the last basic physical development skill. This Is completed by the baby lying on their stomach and day after day they will gradually lift themselves up. Fine motor skills are the moms of development milestones. This motor skill is developed at around 3 months when the baby recognizes their hands. Gross motor skills are firstly identified at about 2-3 months old, when the baby begins to move their legs in a bicycle motion whilst on their back, and then as they age they will begin to do larger movements for a longer time.