Children’s development

Building a secure emotional and social development base for children Is linked to their early attachment experience with caregivers. This essay covers the spectrum of influential theories on the impact that sensitive mothering has on attachment quality along with analyzing attachment types. It will conclude with how responsive care, and secure attachment, will help developing a positive internal working model for later maturity in a child’s life. Infant’s early responses to preferred caregivers show that his/her willingness to Interact and form a relationship.

The foundation of child’s emotional development is shaped through their Interaction with their caregivers. Success and Intensity of the bond between a child and his/her caregiver does not depend on the amount of stimulation and physical care s,’he receives, but on the quality of mothering style which Is most likely to be formed with whom are more sensitive to baby’s needs. Enslave mothers are receptive, emotionally and physically available for their child and are cooperative with him/her; providing a sense of trust, security, and the awareness that the caregiver Is available if desired, providing a safe base to start exploring. Davenport, 1994) Sensitive mothering is thought to predict the quality of the mother-infant relationship and children’s later behavior pattern. Responsive and sensitive mothering provides a basis tort primary caregivers to take care of the child in a consistence, and reliable mutual legislations which implies to the child that s/he is worth caring for, being loved and desired the way s/ he is.

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The resulting healthy and positive emotional foundation provides a proper self-image which relates with positive self-esteem enabling the child to become emotionally mature, allowing him/her to learn how to express and cope with feelings the way that are socially acceptable in the environment s/he lives in. (MIMIC, 2011) Studying in the child development process field, one comes across Bellboy’s researches quite often