China Creative Food Industry Scandal

It is seemingly in good quality but instead it is made of duck, fox, mink and even rat, which makes people shocked. There is no doubt that at the moment the news came out, there are hundreds tons of the fake mutton has sneak into markets. As the Chinese Department of Industry and Commerce and police worked hard together to smash these illegal meat traders, the Chinese people becomes more and more alert for the food safety. However, behind the scandal of the fake mutton, there is ringing a warning bell for the Chinese food industry and markets—be more responsibility for the sake of people.

Review of Related Scandals In November 2008, “six infants died from kidney stones and other kidney RENE 2 damage, together with about 300,000 victims and 54,000 babies being hospitalized,” one of a Chinese newsman said. The cause of this tragedy later turned out to be the poisonous milk powder, which was made in an illegal producing process with unknown illegal ingredient. An imbalance in certain chemicals of the fake milk leads to disturbances in babies’ kidney function and even death. At that moment, the news attracted the whole world and the World Health Organization and Food Safety

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Authority etc. Also involved in the investigation. The illegal traders of poisonous milk powder were condemned harshly by social community and punished severely by the Chinese government. In June 2011, the Chinese police arrested 32 people in an operation to prevent the sale of illegally reprocessed cooking oil. But the number of those who were dealing with the business of “gutter oil” was much more than 32, which was approved that the “gutter oil” was almost the little secret of the whole food industry nationwide.

The so called “gutter oil”, is often scooped up from sewage rains and gutters behind cooking establishments and then sold to small restaurants. More broadly, it also refers to oil refined from low-quality pork and animal offal as well as oil overused for fried food. This kind of oil was pointed out by the experts to be extremely unhealthy and very dirty, which could cause cancer if people have it in the long-term. By the same token, the “gutter oil” event was as shameful as the poisonous milk powder.

Today, in May 2013, “more than 900 people have been arrested in China for selling fake or tainted meat in the last three months,”reported from the state media. RENE 3 There have been nearly 400 such cases and seized almost 20,toneless of fake meat uncovered by the police. Because of the Chinese favor for the hotpot and the barbecue by the roadside, these fake meats are highly popular in consumer’s menu. While, the Chinese people seem much more calm at this time than the previous By renal 18 become desensitizing enough to withstand any scandals of food.

Very quickly, an expert posted out a guide to distinguishing between real and fake mutton on China’s most popular microbiological site, Sins Webb. It’s very hard to tell the difference-? both have streaks of red and white fat meat. But there’s still an obvious difference after a bit of careful observation. “For fake mutton,” the expert pointed out, “the streaks of white and red meat are separate. The white is white, and the red is red. Moreover, after they’ve been completely thawed, the red and white parts completely fell apart, and it looks like that they were pieced together.

On the other hand, the real ones are interlocking, distinctive and natural. After hitting the boiling water, the real mutton tightens up and looks very natural. ” Reflection How can a great and impressive country with rapid development in economy and genealogy enjoy such a notorious reputation in its food industry? Could it be said that it is impossible for China to improve and perfect the regulation and management of its food industry? It is difficult for the CAP to answer these ironical questions and fix the problem of the whole food industry when developing their socialism with RENE 4 Chinese characteristics.

To some extent, it is a matter of legislation. In another word, the punishment of the illegal behaviors in the food industry is not severe and strong enough so that the fear to be in prison can’t stand in the way of people earning money illegally. There are many people in China taking a risk to make money as much as they can to support the whole family, and even if they are arrested, they prefer to shoulder all the responsibility on their own and leave the family out from the investigation and punishment.

However, Chinese government has improved legal guarantees for product quality and safety a lot by promulgated more than 130 relevant laws, statutes and regulations since 2008. Furthermore, it is a matter of education. There are large amounts of people who lack of advanced educated so that they are money- oriented doing business without any conscience for other’s sake. For those who produce and are in the selling chain of the poisonous milk powder, “gutter oil” and nowadays fake mutton love money more than other’s health, they care the public justice less than their own pockets.