China Gear Market Size, Share, Industry, Study, Analysis

Report Overview China’s gear output reached 1. 90 million tons in 2012, with a year-on-year growth rate of 36. 6%. The output is expected to hit 3. 02 million tons in 2015. Chinese gear industry lags behind foreign countries in gear standards, fundamental R, product performance and otherwise, and it still needs to import large quantities of high-end gears. Gears are applied widely, and the types vary greatly. Different manufacturers lay emphasis on their specialties.

For example, Shania Fast is engaged in heavy-duty automotive transmissions; Nag’s major products are wind power, building materials and metallurgy mechanical gears; the main products of Cocooning Gearbox & Machinery involve wind power, building materials, and high-power marine gearboxes; Dahlia Heavy Industry specializes in wind power gearboxes; Jagging Wangling Transmission and Cocooning Teachings Industrial focus on automotive transmissions. Get Details On: http://www. Researchable. Com/china-gear-market Table Of Contents

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