China Human Vaccine Industry Report

China Human Vaccine Industry Report, 2014-2017 Nonrepresentational. Biz include new market research report “China Human Vaccine Industry Report, 2014-2017” to its huge collection of research reports Description Vaccines can prevent and control infectious diseases, so the demand for these biological products is relatively rigid. In 2013, China’s human vaccine lot release volume grew by 4. 9% from a year earlier, and the market size expanded 2. 8% year on year.

As vaccination is suspected of causing death and some companies (such as Sheehan Kananga, Titan Biological and Dahlia Hisses) have to shut down the reduction of some products after failing to pass the new IGMP certification, China’s human vaccine market supply and demand may witness a slight decline in 2014, but it is still expected to grow steadily in the long run. View Full Report At: http://www. Nonrepresentational. Biz/analysis/220447 Affected by China’s economic level, national vaccine prevention policies and people’s awareness, free PEP vaccines prevail in China with a share of approximately 80% in the total lot release volume.

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Also, the Chinese health authorities are trying to improve the quality of PEP vaccines. For example, Hough City of Gudgeon province takes the lead to contain poliomyelitis inactivated vaccines into its immunization program (Sniff Pasteur acts as a supplier in this program) for a trial in 2014. However, this program stipulates the injection of the poliomyelitis inactivated vaccine “IM for the first two vaccinations, while requires the oral administration of the poliomyelitis attenuated vaccine “MM for the third and fourth vaccinations.

Chinese human vaccine market is still dominated by Beijing Titan Biological, Changed Institute of Biology under Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Biological Products Co. , Ltd. , Languor Institute of Biological Products Co. , Ltd. , Human Institute of Biological Products Co. , Ltd. , Changing Institute of Biological Products Co. , Ltd. , Institute of Medical Biology under Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and other state-owned enterprises; but, their market share is falling. In 2013, the lot release volume of Chinese state-owned enterprises accounted for 69. %, down 8. 6 percentage points compared with last year; whereas, the share of private and reconfigured enterprises Jumped by 6 percentage points and 2. 6 percentage points over the previous year respectively. Download Sample Of This Report: http://www. Nonrepresentational. Biz/sample/sample/220447 The improved quality of Chinese vaccines, the increased export tax rebates (from 13% in 2009 to 1 5%) and other favorable factors have prompted China’s human vaccine export volume and value to grow quickly.

From January to June of 2014, the export volume and value amounted to 65. 08 tons and SIDE 5. 45 million respectively, representing China Human Vaccine Industry Report, 2014-2017 – Market Share, Trends, Analysis By Johannesburg As China’s vaccine regulatory system is recognized by WHO, Changed Institute of Biology under Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Titan Biological, Hula Biological and other domestic vaccine companies are actively submitting pre- certification application to WHO in order to further expand overseas markets.

In October 2013, the JEW Paeans encephalitis) vaccines of Changed Institute of Biology under Chinese Academy of Sciences were pre-certified by WHO at first and included n the procurement list of the United Nations. WHO inspected the influenza (split virgin) vaccines of Hula Biological on the spot in April 2014, and these vaccines are expected to be exported in 2015. Table of Content 1. Overview of Vaccine Industry 1. 1 Definition & classification 1. 2 Industry Chain 2.

China Human Vaccine Industry & Market 2. 1 Overview 2. 2 Operating Environment 2. 2. 1 International Market 2. 2. 2 Policy Environment 2. 2. 3 Pharmaceutical Market in China 2. 3 status Quo 2. 4 Supply & Demand 2. 5 Competition Pattern 2. 6 Dynamics 2. 7 Sales Channel Related Reports China Blood Product Industry Report, 2014-2017 View Full Report At: http://www. Nonrepresentational. Biz/analysis/211 596 Plasma resource reserves and control are crucial to the development of blood products industry.

Although the closure of 16 plasma collection stations in Gaucho in 2011 didn’t cause major disruption to domestic blood products market. Http://www. Nonrepresentational. Biz/sample/sample/211596 In addition, as the Ministry of Health stipulates that the blood products production units with registered varieties of blood products less than 6, and the blood products reduction units, which undertake national planned immunization task, with registered varieties of blood products less than 5, shall not apply to set up new paleographer’s centers.